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  • 30 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:30

Mayor Cevdet Muhammad Azizia Orhan, Verdi Bayramlaşma Program Important Messages

Mayor Cevdet Muhammad Azizia Orhan, Verdi Bayramlaşma Program Important Messages
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The borough president spoke at the program held in the holy Orhan, \"have done for 12 years with his work , which has a special place in the hearts of the Turkish nation, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, this time as president we will remove the kiosk .

Erzurum news: The borough held in the holy program, the president spoke at Orhan, \"12 years have done with his work , the Turkish nation in the hearts of a separate place Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at this time, as President pavilion will remove. These different parts of Turkey a walk and a different process will be . \"said.
Azizia Mayor Cevdet Muhammad Orhan, \"Turkey continuously from different test , different processes are going through . Radical decisions are taken and the world as a result of this decision continues to have a say on . \"said.
borough Ilica Thermal Plant in the program was held in holy . AK Party provincial Vice President Sadat Özaras , Azizia District President Ertugrul sevuktekin , Village and District Headman Association Azizia Branch Chairman Timur Meral municipal councilors , village leaders , municipal staff and citizens attended Eid program the president spoke at Orhan , important comments found .
persecuted our brothers the suffering we feel
a peace climate Ramadan month, after the feast of achieving that lived happiness representing President Orhan, \"We happiness , peace together with enthusiasm , collaborative hand in hand , while living all over the world on the side that peace and happiness can not find our brothers and sisters there . primarily, the pain of this together in our hearts we feel . Lord our entreat we , all over the world on the side of the oppressed Muslim brothers and sisters get help and those who do wrong I hope the deals that will not . we this unity , this unity while living in Palestine in Gaza, Turkey and other Muslim month of Ramadan, our next geography as a lord bestowed you hope to live . Because every time we've moved this awareness and this understanding . Praise be to Allah general president , prime minister and presidential candidate , it always our Muslim brothers was next , and the 12-year iktidarımız made ​​during the , actions see this in the can . \"He said.
30 MARCH ' TUE RECORD's AUGUST 10 ' TE in the repetition WANT
March 30 local elections, the Justice and Development Party first came and borough organizations with have done the work as a result , 66.2 percent of Aziziye'like the percentage of votes obtained the first place among the districts in Erzurum reminding President Cevdet Orhan Muhammad , \"They was thanks to all of us . Work that we have done as a team and as a result we have received is that ultimately we all share , we all have contributed . First of these studies and have given support because of all of you , thank you. \"He said.
REPUBLIC FIRST to elect president
Turkey consistently different test , different processes had passed and the world have an influence on continued to be underlined that the President Orhan, he said:the first time on August 10 again in a different crate future in front of us . We the cumhur the first time, the President elect. these on August 10 will occur, and Mr. President General , Prime Minister, now President of our candidate Recep Tayyip Erdogan , hopefully August 10 after the Repub taking the lead Turkey to a different , unless a different path would meet. March 30 local elections in the borough Erzurum between the districts highest percentage of votes as having first became district. Allah grant if the new teşkilatımızla together, and together with your support again as a borough we want to face this first rope again . For this, we had very little time . During Ramadan, in that we have done studies hopefully after Eid will continue for the first time the President elected by the people to be on August 10 Azizia , the Ilica and as Dadaskent as a winner again we will get . \"
\"we do not want a no vote for a party . We want to vote in the name of direct Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will give you the beginning of the Republic shall be elected by vote . So ; President shall be elected . \"Said Chairman Orhan, \"Political vision with a certificate for 12 years, has done with his work , before and made ​​the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality during his tenure and nice nice with studies already the Turkish nation in the hearts of a separate place Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at this time, President will remove the kiosk . Believe me, it's a different walk and Turkey will be a different process . Because each time returning with a different crowd ; assembly halls, rooms and each of the different accounts of presidential elections Turkey pursued a different country had survived the crisis . For the first time , this time from the crate in front of you'll use in the President and the people will choose to vote . So will choose Republic . Believe that , as stated by the new Prime Minister of Turkey will be a different process . To be elected to the presidency of Prime Minister, you will see t go to the kiosk will only sign the decree . Assembly approval mechanism will run from the process of law to business . In the display you will see him again , still in her bridge opening , the public housing key while you will see the delivery to the citizens . Will still be with us again, we will be one of . I wish I hope with this charity to bring the celebration of Ramadan Aziziyemiz I entreat my Lord . I believe, 10 Ağustas after a different process we will experience a new Turkey we all bring benefits to hope that the and here honoring everyone who thank you very much . \"Expressions he concluded .
Özaras AK Party Provincial Vice-President Sadat , the feast of Ramadan and different emphasis they live with different emotions , \"events occurring in the Islamic world , especially Israel's attack on Gaza ends and the one before God , there's a shortage of Muslims petition would then be sooner . 12 years in the construction of the new Turkey , Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrived in our ongoing efforts , we have an important merha Transverse . I hope the next presidential election, this new Turkey on the construction of a very important piece adding our way will continue . \"He said .
Rotorcraft MERAL 'DAN' Bridge of Hearts 'THANKS
Mukhtar Association President Timur Meral , the Azizia by the Municipality of the month of Ramadan founded no bridge to the President Orhan and his team thanked . Meral, \"bridge project with the county in our needy citizens , albeit a bit to satisfy their needs for municipal snacky himself and his crew were very Thank you. Snacky these types of projects in the coming years to increase the number of Rights petition would Almighty . All of you are celebrating the Feast of Ramadan and I wish to be a blessing . \"He said.
Program participants ended with Eid .

Mayor Cevdet Muhammad Azizia Orhan, Verdi Bayramlaşma Program Important Messages" comments for.


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