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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:38

Mayor Faruk Akdoğan Plaque

Mayor Faruk Akdoğan Plaque
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Agricultural Fair held in Nigde first because of his contributions to the Mayor Faruk Nigde was awarded to Akdoğan .

Niğde news: Agricultural Fair held in Nigde first because of his contributions to the Mayor Faruk Nigde was awarded to Akdoğan .
September 11 to 14 held between Nigde Agricultural Fair Upon completion of the Nigde City Council arranged a room in the program of the exhibition who contributed to the last were given plaques .
Traditional need to make
Nigde Mayor Faruk Akdoğan ; \"First you have organized Agricultural Fair evaluate and in later years become a tradition by introducing better and more beautiful How can we do with the idea that we came together . Civil society organizations, get our , Agriculture Director to get our agricultural fair with a significant dedication demonstrated and agricultural fairs successfully pass the occasion were . this program of our face with flux went . Sometimes if we listen listen Nigde conditions very well over the line Nigde than in big cities the exhibition more than the popular , appealing a fair that sightseeing visitors , he said. reported fair went to those who have seen which compared the time to be good in the idea that good , \"he said .
Nigde Municipality are always doing our part
Mayor Faruk Akdoğan ; \"Every job first impression is very important. First impression in any program negatively perceive if that program stillborn means . Positive perceive the program if born alive means . We can see as far as Agricultural Fair a live birth could say that . Labour to thank everyone who filled . Nigde Municipality as fair to good on us what are dropping've done . Agriculture Provincial Directorate issues bring us , when both were thrilled as well as Nigde Municipality us as you are dropping him to fulfill're ready said. Nigde from the Municipality , Provincial Directorate of Agriculture by our Atlas Fairs and other civil society organizations by our What is requested is no one back without turning strictly fulfill in an endeavor we have . Thereafter it this way to continue wholeheartedly want . this year we made from the show the next will make the exhibition should be better . this day our yarını we are matched up , \"he said .
an exhibition space to do we say should be done about it would take the necessary steps
Akdoğan Nigde Mayor Faruk ; \"Fairground very important to do nothing . However, the Republic of Turkey as the years from one exhibition to be made fairgrounds do not make sense . Exhibition area when we made at least annually sixth two-month exhibition opening is required. If this demand we see the fairgrounds we do. exhibition area analysis of the must to do well . Nigde scale in the provinces , how many in the exhibition area and made ​​operating the fairgrounds in how fair can be opened . these criteria by looking at the fairgrounds need to make . the exhibition space when we do the fairgrounds on one side remain idle if such a dead of investing does not make sense . at least our city a movement that will bring years in the exhibition area at least 5-6 different fairs opened if already that we are proud . currently the exhibition space the idea of ​​making a crude idea . these ideas somewhat ripen need . course ripening the at our city leaders and civil society organizations , especially the construction of exhibition space with the heads of our business matures , and if this is the fruit during ripening about it think that it is useful to take the necessary steps . Our city to move forward in all areas within our scope of responsibility , of course . What is important in Nigde an exhibition space needed and must be done we say about it take the necessary steps , \"he said .
Nigde farmers on behalf of everyone involved would like to thank
Nigde Chamber of Agriculture President of the Parents Edge , \"Agricultural Trade makeup of the labor at first , our last Nigde and non-governmental organizations , including municipalities and much less everyone has contributed . Who contributed institutions and our Nigde farmers on behalf of the thank you , \"he said .
Mayor Mr. Faruk Akdoğan thank
Nigde Province of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Manager Murat Turkmen , \"the fair, we have received positive feedback and positive feedback is there . Fair liken to sweet puddings . This is the contribution of everyone in sweet puddings . Four months ago, when we came to the Mayor Mr. Faruk Akdoğan president would have immediately said excitedly without hesitation . For four months helped ease us if we have what you want . Mayor Mr. Faruk Akdoğan special thank you. This is everyone's contribution in aşure would like to thank everyone . Better quality and better fair next year and in the years to do with the hope , \"he said .
Their attendance and their contribution to everyone , thank you
Nigde Chamber of Commerce President Shaukat Katırcıoğlu , \"Mayor Mr. Faruk Akdoğan exhibition space separation due to Thank you. For their participation and their contribution to everyone thank you , \"he said .
Nigde agricultural fair brand exhibition will become a
Atlas Fairs Authority Fevzi Atasagun ; \"Atlas Fair as Nigde Agricultural Fair to be undertaken in support , particularly Nigde Council and Mayor , our Director of Agriculture , agricultural our rooms , our Chamber of Commerce , our Chamber of Commerce , our exchange , our Chamber of Tradesmen and Artisans would like to thank all the non-governmental organizations . Trade unions by hand embraced . As civil society organizations and farmers gave us a nice boost , \"he said .

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