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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 11:01

Meaningful Message from the President of nature

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İzmit Mayor Dr.

İzmit Mayor Dr. Nevzat Dogan, 19 September Martyrs and Veterans Day has therefore issued a message .
Throughout history, independence and freedom to protect the shoulder to shoulder fighting and despite difficult conditions of victories get folks owned patriotism and independence of the spirit of the whole world examples stated that the President Dogan, \"We, the saint martyrs and veterans through our history scene as a nation continuing our existence and this country on the territory they've received from the power and inspiration , unity and integrity of our lives we continue . this regard, the martyrs and veterans of our how prayer While we how much gratitude and thanksgiving we firmly lower , \"he said .
Dogan message continuation of the following statements replied:
\"Our nation Liberation War II as a result of gains unique in the victory of our martyrs blood up , the veterans of our sacrifice and perseverance also are of great importance . Republic of Turkey , that's unique victory solid foundation has been raised on . country's independence , the country's territorial integrity, the supreme sacrifice for the sake of protecting our national unity and solidarity , displaying chest shield at the expense of meat and carries it proudly engagement heroism of our veterans will not be forgotten and never be erased from our memory . This significant day due primarily Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , including our dear martyrs , eternity transferred to the veterans of our compassion and gratitude , mentioning our freedom , our independence , territorial integrity token of our veterans our gratitude , love and salute \"

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