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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:49

Meaningful Poetry from the Heart Hospital Patient

Meaningful Poetry from the Heart Hospital Patient
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Adiyaman , Faculty of Education and Research Hospital Campus Abuzer by-pass surgery in which he thanked Beltaş building and prayer poems he wrote to the hospital administration .

Adıyaman news: Photo of Beltaş poems he wrote , it used to be shipped out of the province to become Angioma and expressed the difficulties on the road as a result of this referral . Beltaş , stating that point forward when it comes to health Adiyaman , he expressed the joy of all kinds of ailments can be treated in their own provinces. Beltaş hospital shed employees angel so-called by how the verse is satisfied . Photo Beltaş poetry ;
\"You, in front of an emergency the nearest
some of our before
Some of us Malatya road in pyrene output
Some of us in Bulam valley or on the mountain heights
He lost before reaching the slider on bumpy roads . we have lost a Photo Malatya reaching Medicine
what life in an ambulance from a heart attack . in fifty
Some forty or even thirty-five in < br/> our Father , our main , we lost our brother , our brother .
So you have before or Photo swinging on the mountains like a cradle in the ambulance without even a Photo Angioma Photo in weaving pathof a heart attack ? < br/> we havethe dereliction very approachable Photo after you came , we met with Angioma forty can not die of working as a Photo Angels , they say earlier Photo And yet we go swinging the door has
good that you're the Medical Adiyaman Photo Faculty of you and we love you very much Devoted \"were told in the form of feelings.

Meaningful Poetry from the Heart Hospital Patient" comments for.


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