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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:52

Measures Day in Canakkale

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Canakkale Police Department, during the festival of sacrifice , peace and security took a series of measures to ensure continued .

Çanakkale news:
Police Department said in a statement , feast measures will be implemented in 3 phases 01-October 12 will include the statement said. Before the holiday shopping centers, bus station and pier square with the work places where the streets over , fraud, robbery , theft crimes such as for preventing the public and civil servants will consist of the foot patrols will serve specified. City Centre and Intercity state highway traffic density likely to occur at intersections and spots, officials by teams unceasingly under control to be kept , holiday shopping is more intensive that Demircioğlu Avenue, Republic Avenue , Inonu Caddesi and on Atatürk Street pedestrian traffic officers, traffic in a healthy way for the processing task will do . Traffic controls , alcohol, excessive speed , improper overtaking , close follow-up and a lane violation , such as a traffic accident in the formation played a major role illegal behavior control will be given to these issues General Directorate of Security and Safety Directorate prepared information brochures routes, drivers will be distributed to and driver training activities to be carried out .
in control , the driver and passengers to use seat belts in the front and rear seats will be given for the controls . In case of seat belt to citizens about the risks they may face advice and information on the educational qualifications bulunularak In this issue leaflets will be distributed to the drive . Bus companies to arrange additional flights on peak demand that may occur due to the density and skeletal against the bus station and the bus company also appointed staff and drivers will be at the highest level of control over . Eve and festivals throughout the cemetery and prison visits that the traffic in terms of the potential intensity against the cemetery and the prison in front of officials by teams checked frequently to be done.
Eid al-Adha holiday , the citizens of entertainment to places of interest to show when assessed all the fun places kept under control to these businesses where will intensify the checks carried out on the street . Number supplemented teams, will form a continuous ring , closest to the needs of citizens , will be deployed on routes to respond in time . 155 police emergency line, supplemented with staff as soon as possible to citizens'requests for service will continue to respond . Especially during the Feast of the bus station , pier and major intersections will be controlled by teams and officials , linked as it was before the feast of highways inspections will continue at the top level . Station Area Traffic Authority , responsibilities in the areas of traffic controls tired , sleepless and distracted driving are identified as the driver by stimulating Area Traffic Monitoring Station on route Authority will provide the rest . They rest requesting citizens also safely rest for Area Traffic Control Station Superiors all possibilities will benefit from .
Day after the Eid al-Adha holiday for the Dardanelles from or for the return route will use the citizens safe and comfortable to travel in order to make Area Traffic Control Branch teams in the suburban state highways , Traffic Registration and inspection Branch Directorate teams taking the necessary measures in the city center , controls will continue uninterrupted .

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