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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 12:42

Meat cutting unable to coach dressed up Bowtie , Day Visit to the Output

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In Bursa, the Feast of Sacrifice which takes 6 months ago to cut the ram due to the warm Teyfik Gulay renounces cut , insert tie to the coach after the Eid prayer , feast came to visit .

Bursa news: Gulay , instead spared another sheep ram named Murat stopped .
Connected to the district of Bursa Yildirim Yeşilyayla Teyfik Gulay 73 year old living in the neighborhood proximity with the coach who was stunned . Feast of the Sacrifice of the Lamb takes about 6 months ago to cut the Gulay started feeding in his garden , get used to it after a while and saw the animal . The coach of the club after having a moment , next to the old man's happening every step . Shopping entered for the shops, go for a holiday from the sea , even leaving the coaches , the owners to their proximity to the cut were saved .
KOC with the bayramlaştı < strong> NEIGHBOR VISIT OUT
at home old man living alone , the almost became friends with cute coach . Eid in acquiring a new coach to cut Gulay ,'Murat'is the name given to the former coach by wearing a bow tie feast came to visit . On the morning after going to the feast of prayer and coaches came to his house to Gulay wearing a bow tie , it was holy kiss . Then'Murat'feast with their neighbors to visit artisans and the Teyfik Gulay , has created interesting images .
Teyfik Gulay , Murat instead purchased another 800 pounds was the sacrificial sheep .

Meat cutting unable to coach dressed up Bowtie , Day Visit to the Output" comments for.


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