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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:54

Meat fingerprints were captured they gasp in Box

Meat fingerprints were captured they gasp in Box
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Search an hour with 3 people from Adana safe, money and mobile phone which 4 extortion suspect , they try to open the enclosure fingers caught footsteps .

Adana news: According to information obtained
first event , Seyhan district occurred on Mithatpaşa Quarter Longshore Avenue. 4 friends sitting in Mithatpaşa neighborhood i.v. ( 19) , M.F.Ç. ( 19) S. S. (16) and the EU (17), the pump according to claim guns and gun adaklık animal sells Ibrahim Karatas to (18) coins in the author by entering instead of work safe and he found the shop to get the animals in extortion thousand 300 pounds in Ahmet Eroglu's bag he . Later fleeing suspects , one hour after the motorcycle in the same neighborhood fooled again Wahid's browsing (22) received threatening phone . Public Security Directorate engaged in research on the intelligence of the citizens in the neighborhood Gaspar Bureau teams were not encounter any findings. In many security cameras can spot suspicious Whereupon were examining . The research team have been usurped result reached in the safe , they do work as a result of fingerprint reached SS . The suspects held'arrested and detained in dawn operation. I.v. While accepting the charges , M.F.Ç. he suggested that the incident has nothing to do . After the 4 friends procedures were referred to court.

Meat fingerprints were captured they gasp in Box" comments for.


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