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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 10:20

Medical Aesthetic Physicians were of association

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Physicians working in the field of medical aesthetics come together and Medical Aesthetic Medical Association ( MESTD is ) in the US.

Physicians working in the field of medical aesthetics come together and Medical Aesthetic Medical Association ( MESTD is ) in the US. Turkey was founded in order to find the solution of an important gap in the medical aesthetic associations , aims to ensure the formation of professional standards . Photo MESTD President Dr. Revolution Gursoy, the association's foundation said in a statement hence , non-surgical medical aesthetics and that is not a skin disease class , in order to aesthetic beauty reminded trained in this area and authorized medical doctors include procedures applied by .
Dr. Gursoy, this concept of health and aesthetics in order to keep pace with the world dealt with by the Ministry of Health in 2003 in Turkey and its applications, training , powers and responsibilities stated that a regulation specified. The
medical doctor by training in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and physicians have received has been successful in giving exam Medical Aesthetic Practice Certificate authorizing rights work in this area and noted that MESTD President Dr. Revolution Gursoy said:Photo \"In this process, sectoral problems experienced , continuous development of aesthetic health coverage , all areas of growth , taking into different medical disciplines that concern the developments and adapting to the requirements of this growth of medicine we under one roof Medical Aesthetic physician revealed the idea of ​​meeting the requirement . \"providing information related to the mission of the Association Vice Chairman Dr. Photo Mountains in Mevlut , the rapid innovations in the world of medical aesthetics field pointed out that they aim to share with the medical aesthetic physicians in Turkey. Photo by Dr. Mountains , high-tech , saying they want to achieve to ensure the addition to the treatment of medical aesthetic devices in the world to meet their Turkish doctors with medical aesthetic organization, as does the sharing of information as well said they would organize international conferences and seminars. Photo MESTD Vice President Dr. Mevlut Mountains , objectives within the framework of the association's mission was summarized as follows:Photo \"medical aesthetic interests make unity with different medical fields and make sharing Photo-Professional provide a standard of the formation and the protection of standards creating internal control mechanisms , the Ministry of Health to contribute to the work in this area or investigate global models on regulation will be needed in the regulation content to make proposals in the light of scientific data , to contribute to the solution of industrial problems of doctors working in medical aesthetics. \"Photo MESTD Board of Directors consists of the following names:President Prof. Photo Abraham Revolution Gursoy ( Pharmacology Medical Aesthetic Specialist Physicians) Photo vice-chairman of dr.mevlüt Mountains ( Medical Aesthetic Physician ) , Prof.Dr.Filiz Akbıyık ( Biochemistry Medical Aesthetic Specialist Physicians) , Accountant Member dr.serk Öztürk ( Medical Aesthetic Physician ) , dr.yase's War ( Medical Aesthetic physician ) , dr.ayşegül Girgin ( Medical Aesthetic physician ) , Dr.Osman head ( Medical Aesthetic physician ) Photo

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