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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 11:14

Medical Park laparoscopic pyeloplasty Success

Medical Park laparoscopic pyeloplasty Success
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Gaziantep Medical Park Hospital Urologist Dr. Open.

Gaziantep news: Gaziantep Medical Park Hospital Urologist Dr. Open. Abdülkerim Superior, ureteropelvic junction obstruction in a patient's kidney with the laparoscopic approach than expanding a successful operation was signed.
Medical Park Hospital, Gaziantep, his successful operations in the field of surgery has added a new. Medical Park Hospital, Gaziantep its operations from each other, with successful and qualified to be a pioneer and the name continues to be talked about. Urology Specialist Dr. Open. Abdülkerim superior, right lateral chest pain patients who present with renal ostia in the ureteropelvic junction obstruction laparoscopic (closed) surgical method by treating patients to health folded.
Right side pain that comes with and renal stenosis in the chance notified that 30 year-old Solomon fleeting named patient the necessary information after have begun preparations. Gaziantep is one of the first in urologic surgery 'Laparoscopic pyeloplasty' surgically called off two hours after the operation the patient has regained her health.
Providing information about the operation of Gaziantep Medical Park Hospital Urology Specialist Op. Dr.. Outstanding,"Right flank pain clinic with a complaint that comes to our patient examinations and investigations in the right kidney ureteropelvic stenosis was detected. Normally be open this operation in our hospital for the first time 'Laparoscopic pyeloplasty' in the closed procedure two-hour time successfully realized,"he said.
Op. Dr.. Outstanding, such strictures if untreated bladder urine flow because there is no kidney cause decay Noting that the future of the kidney taken leading up to the painful process led to underline that was.
Open DR. Abdülkerim Superior, off surgery to open surgery has its advantages, said:"Off surgical workforce loss there's a little sick one day after being discharged daily, live fast turns. 3 small holes by entering from the surgery scar is not happening. Larger cuts because it is not bleeding happens and The risk of infection than open surgery was much too low is going,"he said.
30-year-old patient Suleiman fleeting if said:
"gripes with complaints came. Whereas kidney's output stenosis had. get right doctor closed surgically treated me made. Now I feel very good. surgery is mentioned scarring than I was worried. Closed done because I am very happy. Especially Medical Park Hospital, including my doctor, nurses and floor staff would like to thank."
one day in the service of the patient followed, with controls after was discharged.

Medical Park laparoscopic pyeloplasty Success" comments for.


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