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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 20:12

Mediterranean Met in Izmir

Mediterranean Met in Izmir
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Performed between the Mediterranean city \"Sustainable Urban Transport \"seminar began in Izmir.

İzmir news: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, is home to an important meeting regarding the development of urban transportation system made ​​between Mediterranean city . French Development Agency ( AFD) under the leadership of funded CODATA of ( Urban Transport Development and Improvement of Cooperation ) of the Mediterranean in Marseille Integration Center (CMU) and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with \"Mediterranean Urban Mobility in the City \"seminar , the Historic Gas Plant it started with President Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun opening speech. Photo Izmir Mediterranean that aims to make the shining star and the Mediterranean will increase solidarity between the towns Mayor Kocaoglu said that they attached great importance to these organizations , \"providing a fusion between A and B types of meetings with Mediterranean cities We will work to strengthen the Being Mediterranean spirit. \"Mayor Kocaoglu describing the transportation system in the Photo Izmir commuter lines , subways, stating that they implement an integrated transport system in the city with ferry and bus, city card, smart stop and the latest technology in applications such as monitoring tools he said they followed . Mayor Kocaoglu first time in Turkey'Full Adaptive Traffic System'with intelligent traffic management in Izmir said they would implement . Photo AFD Turkey Director Bertrand Willocquet , for example in terms of Izmir's transport policy stating that a city , Izmir Metropolitan Municipality'what did he say that they helped ferry and tram project. Metro's expansion and related to the increasing number of subway trains in Willocquet said they would work in İzmir , \"transport policy an example of a policy in Izmir. Mediterranean Marseille Integration Center , wants to invite as recent as his workshop, Izmir example of the city of Marseille. Our friends from Turkey and Izmir experienced a different country will see , \"he said .
Mediterranean Marseille Integration Center (CMU) world Bank Program Coordinator Janette Uhlmann, between member states , noting that the center of the financial institution is the European Investment and the World Bank that they organize regional seminars he stated that they focus on integrated services . The Izmir Uhlmann stated that the successful , said they plan to do more extensive work with an integrated approach.
French Development Agency, Transport and Energy Sector Officer Alain Ries, the French Development Agency (AFD) is a development bank and the bank of the French state stating that the sole shareholder , \"we support 90 municipalities in Turkey. our activities reach 8 billion a year . our office and 70 employees in 1700 . Transportation is a very special area for us,\"he said. French Development Agency after the speech (AFD) were shown a short film about his activities in Turkey. Photo will last until November 14 Mediterranean City Urban Mobility:Feedback and Perspectives, \"Sustainable Urban Transport Closing Seminar\"during participants area will receive information about the transportation system in Izmir with their visit.
starting with the Syrian capital, conference opening in Damascus in 2010 , and then respectively Marseille, Barcelona, ​​closing of the seminar in Tunisia and Morocco, so will be held in Izmir. \"The seminar will be presented in Izmir model in transportation , urban transportation problems , local solutions and sustainable urban mobility strategies laid on the table .

Mediterranean Met in Izmir" comments for.


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