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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:08

Meet Poetry in the'Children's Poetry'Session

Meet Poetry in the'Children's Poetry'Session
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Tepebaşı performs 4th of this year in the poetry meeting every year, such as'Children's Poetry'session was held .

Eskişehir news:
Eskisehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Arts and Sciences faculty member Professor Dr. Namik Kemal Middle School in Medina, directed by Spike'Children's Poetry'session, Ayla Çınaroğlu from the leading names in children's literature and Anadolu University State Conservatory of Performing Arts Department Head Dr. Hasan Men made ​​a speech . Medina pointed, best friend of the children , even siblings and children of the poem is not necessarily the most qualified children from a young age should be brought together with his poems , he said. Pointed, \"A child's'humanized in the'and linguistic skills to use in winning poems privileged there are a lot ,\"he said .
Author Ayla Çınaroğlu said, \"Poetry, our identity which is the basis of our language rhythm and our emotions are a reflection . Language of our rhythm and our emotions , our identity aspects gives life meaning to it. these values ​​to meet them, internalize them , in order for the kids I'm writing , \"he said .
Author Hasan Men , the\"Poetry literature childhood is never mentioned and as they recall Since children in verse grow. most major Shiite , if childhood . their childhood lost , unless the poem the lost will not . because poetry alone technique , but is a quality . poetic quality of human life ages most in childhood are available. childhood fabric on the poetic flowers nakşet is to showmanship , \"he said .
two writers reading the books students , writers and writing books about adventure turned their attention to several questions . Participated in an interview Tepebaşi Mayor Dt. Ahmet paper clips, speakers congratulated them and was a gift of flowers along with documents .


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