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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:12

Meeting the left of Dershaneci Mebane

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Ministry of Education (MoE) officials operating in Istanbul and Thrace met with representatives of the classroom.

Ministry of Education (MoE) officials operating in Istanbul and Thrace met with representatives of the classroom. Classroom on the discussions at the meeting were representatives left the hall.
Ministry of Education officials,"Private Courses and Special Education Advisory and Information Centres Meeting"under the Istanbul with Istanbul and Thrace Prof. classroom representatives. Dr.. Mumtaz Turhan Social Sciences met in High School. Representatives of the Ministry Consultants Ercan Demirci, Secondary Education General Director Ercan Turkey, Deputy Undersecretary Yusuf Great Ministry and Counsel Malik tured as well as many classrooms representatives attended.
Meeting Speaking at the opening, Deputy Undersecretary Yusuf Great,"Today we educators worthy of the meeting would continue meeting we expect the benefit to be obtained hope,"he said.
Mediterranean and the Aegean Region, the protest reminiscent of the Great,"Since you've come this room we filled, after the long journey Welcome, bother Welcome, costs did, then evolved the intention in the product ettirelim. Meeting an education building is taking place. You educator, you paydaşımızs your same goal, together we ran. Other provinces experienced things that would happen here, because I think this is a great school. herein will occur negativity and our students will be reflected as well as all over the country will be reflected. schools to be buttom more caution would think,"he said.
big speech then Marmarali dershaneci speaking on behalf of individuals Classroom Manager Ismet sidewalk,"our friends right responses reveal the ugly behavior as well as image absolutely do not agree. sector counterparts have been imported. Persuasion to and worked on friends reactions have revealed. we transform not existing structures to continuing our wish to discuss. His except opposed to ideas that we would like to mention. you in this direction discussion if you continue we will not be here,"he said.
Great said,"We landing speech do not even our friend promised our meeting will serve the purpose. We formally opening speech we have not even. meeting until the end of such will continue. speech someone in my accusations like nothing happened. gathered here today for the purpose, as stakeholders to listen to you. Info pollution, which results in your advice thinking and taking the advice of the ministry to be turned. Hopefully this meeting in Istanbul in that the educational community in a manner befitting would be. We of course you worry about your frustrations, maybe raise your voice Do we participate in all the meetings believe it is normal because of the process we are in because you're looking at,"he said.
Again, who spoke Ismet sidewalk,"Transformation will be, how do we do, at the point of talking if you we to this thread closed. we present the structure of our wish to continue"well after the classroom delegate a large part of the center left.

Meeting the left of Dershaneci Mebane" comments for.


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