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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 09:51

Meetings in Istanbul Küçükçekmece Met

Meetings in Istanbul Küçükçekmece Met
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Five writer and journalist Ayvazoglu held in Küçükçekmece'deki'Meetings in Istanbul met with Küçükçekmece .

İstanbul news: Photo Journalist writer Bashir Ayvazoglu Küçükçekmece Municipality within the scope of cultural and artistic activities'Istanbul Talks called'met with the interview, Küçükçekmece . Photo Heaven Culture and Art Center held Ayvazoglu interview , Istanbul's how mentioning that there is a Turkey and in Islam Istanbul's shared seven hills and the beauty of the participants .
\"ISTANBUL kNOW we MUST \"Photo by Istanbul residents , that's the beauty of the city they live lives of blindness of awareness record Ayvazoglu, \"People do not know , recognize and protect its foreign things we have not kollaya therefore recognize and know Istanbul . \"he said. To the Ottomans as foreigners in Istanbul account the steep noted that Ayvazoglu, Istanbul is destined to take the Fatih Sultan Mehmet told me with these words:\"The 2nd is not easy to Murat's son. 2nd mobilize all opportunities to cultivate good Murat children that a monarch . Therefore, Fatih Sultan Mehmet , very elegant and has received a radical education. 21 years old, but age has an intelligence far above . studying the lives of the world's bellicose Fatih than that age and they were a having a richer imagination than . to be successful, your imagination is good and should be your highly developed intuition. \"Photo \"Conquest 1453'< strong> oNE LIKE sparkling NOT \"Photo \"Conquest 1453 movie in Fatih Istanbul shown when he conquered the hippodrome , actually that was destroyed , \"when Istanbul was conquered , as in the 1453 film Conquest is not shining brightly ; he was once in ruins , \"he underlined Ayvazoglu, Istanbul 4th for 60 years after the Latin invasion in the Crusades , he said translated to rob by the Latins . The end of the program answered questions such famous writers participants.

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