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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:40

Meets büyükçekmece to aviation

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Mayor Dr. büyükçekmece.

Mayor Dr. büyükçekmece. Hasan Akgun operates with the support last Buyukcekmece Sporting Aviation Club Association, each age group will cater to events organized by 7 to 70 each from Büyükçekmece aeronautics to introduce ready.
Buyukcekmece Mayor Dr. Hasan Akgun instruction on the beach after the 1942 model C47'N allocating them to accelerate their activities Buyukcekmece Association Sportive Aviation Club, a 300-member club within a short period of 4 months has become. Büyükçekmece in schools model aircraft design courses began to give the club, simulator with the help of his flight lessons at all ages from Büyükçekmece showed great interest.
Association's board of directors, aviation have given their hearts and also Büyükçekmece well-known personalities were created. Construction works in the field of business education but who Büyükçekmece Hope Sharp, has assumed the presidency of the association. Board of Directors of the teacher Aysegul Happy, Seyfeddin Steel and Murat Bozoklar, Engineer Hussein Levent Ertop various institutions for many years in senior management positions makes Derya Root the Büyükçekmece Colon Hospital Chief Onder Yuksel Eryigit important names such as was created from.

Mayor Dr. Hasan Akgun retired from THK has assigned them to pack up their doors Büyükçekmece C47'Y hungry for the club, model airplane courses continued here. Free given for this course aims to develop in all areas of association executives, radio in March with the participation of contestants who knows how to manage model aircraft RC Indoor Flyer Contest is preparing to hold. In schools, flight simulation room to set up studies as clubs, the beach C47'N the inside of a comprehensive flight course center to make preparations for the doing.
In Turkey such a plane having only aviation club said that they are sharp, Büyükçekmece no longer aviation to meet with Start said. Sharp,"Suitable weather conditions each day, approximately 700-800 people on the beach aircraft visited. Hayat first time in a plane big delight of our eyes blazing. Annual comprehensiveness in terms of Turkey's only aviation kulübüyüz. Moreover, such a plane, which also features a single association. We everyone his interest in aviation-related manufacturing to take aim. children of our model aircraft producing aeronautics dating encourage them. these courses then the simulator with the help we give free flight course will enhance. club's board of directors complement each other names have created. particular training expert, we have a team. Mayor Dr. Hasan Ahmed gives us endless support. would like to thank him.coming summer Büyükçekmece also be colorful skies,"he said.

Meets büyükçekmece to aviation" comments for.


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