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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:32

Mehmet Celik, Reassures

Mehmet Celik, Reassures
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Turkey Road Workers Union No. 1 Kastamonu Branch President Mehmet Celik, was again elected to the presidency boosts confidence .

Kastamonu news: Photo Turkey Path-İş Union No. 1 of Kastamonu Branch was held at the 10th Ordinary General Assembly of the 15th Regional Directorate of Highways . Attending the General Assembly of the AK Party Kastamonu deputy Mustafa Gökhan Gülşen , said nearly 10 years of active political life Yol-İş trade union of their work shoulder to shoulder in the work carried out , \"We are'the data from the drying sweat workers'fertleriyiz of culture. We try to reflect this in our lives as possible. Of course, There are deficiencies . Turkey, is producing for last 12 years. we had one of the most important things we have during this time made ​​in Turkey with you . that is our way , we have done with our road running mate . we divided highway network with 6 thousand kilometers until 2002 in Turkey , we've added more than 17 thousand kilometers. this we achieved together . resources to achieve this , we use the most efficient way . Our lack of course , our direction will be criticized would be . It also maturity , we welcomed as constructive criticism . But we task of , the resources of this country is to use the most efficient way . so We had to act in this way. Turkey needs to better days . Hopefully still them , we will achieve together with you , \"he said .
workers in Turkey fee Kastamonu Kastamonu claiming to give the municipality the Mayor Tahsin father , \"I'm working on producing Kastamonu municipal services for 27 years . We have always been working with our friends in the meantime. Together we try to execute these services. For me, my first degree in labor income , revenue staff . Because we are a family while working . In the observance of this law among family members is the most great work . I am overseeing the staff's rights and the law in the best way . Get our workers , our officers get , get our workers in the service procurement costs would argue that the best area in Turkey is our friend . Today employee services received from our colleagues , friends thousand 900 TL cleaning fee We offer our employees . If so you go in Turkey. So again for our officer friends. I give premium support 500 pounds . The staff here are brothers we are . Of our country people , making them all the rights and falls to us to protect the law , \"he said .
HEAD STEEL Reassures Photo again presided at the election to go if one list Path-Turkey Business Association selected No. 1 Kastamonu Branch President Mehmet Celik, adding that Turkey went through a difficult process , \"how do we divide our beautiful country outbreak of internal and external ? How do we differentiate ? Our limit his neighbors opened their account with our search , where the crowd collection made ​​of various denominations and religious abuse, how we share of global capital and the imperialist powers of the world again ? We live in a period of yapıldığ1 together account . These transnational forces şirketlenip the world's raw materials and oil resources into their own domination. European Union , especially in the Balkans , the Caucasus, the Middle East and the Mediterranean , stepped up their efforts to prove the existence Across the US as a superpower . Behind these days who live in our environment and closely related developments affecting our country and also has the power and benefit sharing this fight . It fights while small countries , güçsüzleştiriliy reduced to each other more vulnerable countries and people living in it. Some communities are destroyed . As a country, we are strongly opposed to such action , in the near future with our stance against Syria , Iraq and against Palestine, our upright posture against dozens of Muslim countries and communities who are being persecuted against Egypt has always been the nation together. Arak is the Turkish nation \"a nation that loves to live in freedom throughout history. As the working class against the war , our people against the war. Our eyes are not on anyone's land. If our land , c us Pact our national borders , our flag, and prayer in our eyes, which are a more Read them our glorious history if any , \"he said. The highlight issues of
working class that vaccination of the problems of the people without exceeding Steel, said:\"unionism as the working class movement our country, our class without exceeding the major issues faced by all our people in this position and insurmountable problems. Our working class is anti-war . Our people are against war. Our country is a tool in the accounts of the United States will never happen. Kurt was like misty weather . Both Syria and Iraq need , need Isidor's output in recent months, one of the different \"rabbit run, keep the hound \"policy while there ; Be brought to the Cyprus issue , what should be called to withdraw from the Greek part of the negotiating table ? Turkey should foster land of martyrs have saved by spending huge resources and protect the economic downturn . Cyprus property and life safety is an extremely important part of the protection for the defense of our country , then \"Customize the Photo Turkey and Steel explaining the widespread subcontracting system , said:\"Between us we have subcontracted member . This General Assembly subcontractor to be a turning point in the system where the end of his career he started working as our greatest wish TCK . We do not have any informal request from government officials. We ask only that we have gained the implementation of judicial decisions . Our eyes stayed on the road during the discussion of the law of the bags , but somehow did not . This time it would be my belief is very high. On May 13, the pain of the tragedy that Soma is still burning within us . We have 301 workers killed our brother . This tragedy is a clear indication that what özleştir cause mania. God be with someone like that lick-down , we know that the unemployment rate in our country, as seen in the picture and description. 1 hour , 3 hours, employees may be low if you do not count the unemployed , low interest rates do not count Tired of sitting at home job search . However streets, one to one survey , coffee houses not verify the official figures \"Photo Steel, said:\"Local Authorities have caused a lot of confusion to be transferred to the big cities but road thanks to outstanding efforts of our Business Headquarters Our business line in the municipal structure has been achieved realization . But the service will not be as obvious to the old village. Struggling with so many problems, knowing I had to overcome Yol-Kastamonu faced with an event that I hope our branch . Entering employment in 2006 to 90 percent in one to one work input resigned from the membership contribution I made friends . Required equal pay for equal work . Representing many years I have been your friends , How do I act when I'm in this regard insensitive sensitive about everything , I could not move snow what I say . I'm resentful about it to friends. He resigned from the front in labor members who are fleeing war capital . We still cephed , we continue to fight the fight \"


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