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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:53

Mehmet Oz, Reassures

Mehmet Oz, Reassures
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Health-Sen Kastamonu Branch President Mehmet Oz, in a single list to get elected to the presidency in the election again renewed confidence.

Kastamonu news:
Sheriff Baci Teachers held at the 4th Ordinary General Assembly Speaking at the Health-Sen Kastamonu Branch President Mehmet Oz, started in 2003 in their struggle ideals to realize significant strides towards , said:\"We believe the values ​​for the sake directs our efforts have given . We could not fault the resort tried to find \"he said.
Tayyip wind direction can't Even though they managed to change the ship's direction underlines Mehmet Oz, as a result of their successful work in Kastamonu managed to become union officials said. Seats in the case of no time they are not stressed Mehmet Oz, said:\"It started to work when we already have a seat, we did not have . Both members increase both trade union struggle in Turkey exemplary first three branches were . We are no one to distinguish between a person before the service we said , we all when workplaces of you 24 hours 7 days be with you , we continue to be going to . Health-Sen always to divide , rather than proportional to , imposition, rather than solidarity , hostility, rather than brotherhood , enmity rather than affection we have a principle I would rather we chose . Difficult conditions in serving health and social care workers available to protect the rights and economic and social conditions acceptable to a level we tried . course, they are not enough employees desired the best working conditions attaining our common desire and is the expectation . especially in recent days, the country changed the fate of reformist will be considered in applications of his work demilitarization and democratization with upright posture and took significant steps in terms of our nation , and our employees are appreciated . Health-Sen any kind of redress our struggle all health and social service workers community embraced an approach that we are continuing , principled , hardworking, strong and honest trade unionism for you or an incomplete understanding of the Health-Sen together under the roof invite \"
Supplier following the reading of the report only lists the current president in the election attended Mehmet Oz, 162 delegates, 131 delegates considered valid as the game was re-elected to the presidency .


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