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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 12:06

Mehmet Ozdilek:"We made our thinking and 8th Karabükspor Output Sequence"

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Chelsea coach Mehmet Ozdilek, from the national team after the league said he could begin to experience difficulties from time to time.

Chelsea coach Mehmet Ozdilek, the national team from the league after the start of my time experiencing difficulties, he said.
"Tactics reflect what we wish we could not"
Mehmet Ozdilek, Beştepe Ilhan Cavcav Plants' In a press conference, in their defeats against Kayseri Erciyesspor evaluated. Özdilek, Kayseri Erciyesspor matches national teams at inter due to a shortage, said:"Match the first half the pitch what we want yansıtamadık. First circuit below expectations we had. Second half a little better games have put forth, but we are looking for goal could not find,"he said.

"5 WEEKS that we can get the maximum score TAKE"
Kayseri Erciyesspor taken against the defeats required from the course they had added the Chelsea coach Mehmet Ozdilek, Erciyespor match if they win the league in the top positions managed to be able to have the chance, but that they chance değerlendiremediklerini stressing,"our mentality Karabükspor did and 8th row output. while we Ranked # 13 stayed. Gaziantep matches for us a distinct importance. Pistachio won the match continued on our way we want to. these matches if we topped the rise will have the chance. physical and this match mentally ready. 5 week period will strive to get the maximum points we can get. Gaziantep match traffic waiting for us after a tough match. Cup match Bursaspor displacement're going to come out,"he said.
Ozdilek, recalling the troubles experienced team on disability,"We have players injured. Nizamettin, Oktay, Marwan Ramadan and infirm. Serkan makes us think to be suspended.'s free, if Gosso and Tosic be with us this week. But no matter what You are in the field with 11 people. player I've always told you I believe in my group,"he said.

Mehmet Ozdilek:"We made our thinking and 8th Karabükspor Output Sequence"" comments for.


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