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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 21:24

Melbourne Victory-then Galatasaray Match

Melbourne Victory-then Galatasaray Match
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Sports Toto Super League week 9 Kardemir the FC, the field was defeated 2-1 at Galatasaray .

Karabük news: Photo after the match Kardemir in statements FC coach Tolu Caucasian, said that the defeat of their rights today .
first 15 minutes in the field explaining that they have little trouble due to the arrangement Caucasus , \"too because then especially that Hamid and Dzemaili edge player more includes our defense for the entry had to fold inwards with them. after 15 minutes, we established the balance of the game and we started to produce position . the control of the game until you eat the second goal , there was a Melbourne Victory trying to produce . after eating goal we started looking again goal . the sad game superiority of our eating elimizdeyk lead . I think we izlettirmek a good match. we are in serious trouble since the beginning of the season . especially cripple our players creates difficulties in making the moves and build team formed in the same region. Antrenörlüğü we are developing . If you ask me today's match was not about our defeat. I congratulate Galatasaray I wish you success , \"he said . the question about the status of a Photo injured Caucasian ,\"Unfortunately, in this case we have troubled seneyl last year. In particular, two players have broken our feet , spreading their return to a long time . We started with 4-3-3 then again , we return to the 4-2-3-1 , we started to play Kumbela santraforu , the game we try to balance it . Its like I said Samba Sow outside his disability very important for us. Erkan has a serious injury. These rotations goes on and on . Unfortunately, the league continues. We currently do our work until we collect secondary circuit picking up the points we need to do serious reinforcements . This work shows it. We have the power but we need to collect a certain score. Whatever I need to fall below 15 points in this league if you can live very serious trouble , \"he replied. Photo Galatasaray WALL Photo Galatasaray coach Cesare Prandelli , 2-1 win over Kardemir related to FC match , saying that they had a good win and be difficult to state in a difficult match , \"we knew we'd play against a team organized . We managed well the first 30 minutes of the match, \"he said. Photo Match Galatasaray after a serious decline that started well , on the question of Prandelli's team came into the game changed Umut Bulut , \"We need to bring continuity to the game. We are aware of this. We know that we need to go forward more . Hope the first 11 players , always ready surrogates also not play in the player . Hope you can give us depth to the game as we know it . Can also extend the length of the team in this way. Important himself a footballer , \"he replied. After every defeat Photo taken on speculation about hocayla Prandelli reminded , \"We think it's a part of our profession's conjecture. Galatasaray had been collecting for 10 years so points are following me , they work very hard . Speculation always makes zero points. We now number one , \"he said .
Bosnia and Herzegovina coach Saffet Susic is met with two managers from Galatasaray, but is reminded that describes the national team will not leave Prandelli , said he can not answer to that is speculation. Photo Match 67 made ​​minutes everyone was surprised by the change , and the changes that came after the goal Prandelli be asked whether you are satisfied with Dzemail widely criticized , responded by saying:Photo \"Dzemaili found significant position in the first half. Look at the position when he founded . In the second half the same way. Foreign players to get used to when we get some time we need to recognize . I do not think it would be a problem. Played pretty well . I always look in terms of tactical changes. I decided at that moment to a depth of more importance. I think we need to see the depth. Sneijder suffered slight injuries but did not want to play in the match Borussia Dortmund . The first 20 minutes did a good job . Made the right jobs at the right positions . I made ​​to move the team to a better place when I made ​​a tactical change . That's when I make this change . \"Photo Burak Yilmaz Italian coach also reminded been unable to benefit from the 4 position in this match , \"I'm always looking to evaluate the performance of the players . He found 4 position and established . Review it was bad luck . Whether the character during the match to get the posture is fine. Showed a good performance. Fought . Turkey's top striker , everybody knows \"he replied.

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