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  • 12 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:52

Melt was separated from the Cumbul University was married to a friend

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The famous actor's ex-wife in tourism Alican DM Cumbul breeze , college school friend Chantal Schleiff with Swiss nationals married in Kusadasi .

Aydın news:
August 23, 2012 on player Meltemi Cumbul married but lived with the days newspaper headlines stroke 29-year-old Alican DM Meltem Cumbul the marriage debates and beaten with allegations finished and soon the marriage, and then officially were separated .
Kusadasi women in the neighborhood İmbat Sea and Blue Sky Hotel is the son of the owner Erol DM DM Alican , this time with a Swiss firstborn world entered the house . Switzerland in Zurich Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz named at the university five years in the same class and in that period is in love with the same age Chantal Schleiff with American holidays during the years after the re-experiencing Alican DM , the second time they had sailed . Love each other when they meet again in early summer in Miami and decided to marry the young couple's wedding that DM family was in the hotel in Kusadasi İmbat . Father and step-uncle Orhan Erol DM DM limited number of guests attended the wedding ceremony were not members of the press .

Melt was separated from the Cumbul University was married to a friend" comments for.


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