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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 09:43

Members of the Special Discount Tso from TSE

Members of the Special Discount Tso from TSE
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Saray district of Tekirdağ Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( ÇTSO ) with the members ÇTSO with the cooperation protocol signed between the TSE will provide special discounts .

Tekirdağ news:
Saray Chamber of Commerce and Industry , the test of its members , calibration, training and Turkey Standards Institute to benefit discount of 20-40 percent of the CE Certificate Services (TSE) with the cooperation protocol signed . ÇTSO Chairman Solomon Kozuv with TSA Marmara Region President Mehmet Hüsrev ÇTSO members under the protocol signed between the 20 percent of TSE testing services , 20 percent of the CE certification services , 30 percent of the education services and could also benefit from discounted 40 percent of calibration services. < Br/> of exports in recent years, stating that stuck in 150-160 thousand dollars TSA Marmara Region President Mehmet Hüsrev , \"Saray region is an important and sacred territory for us. Turkey's locomotive , Turkey is the flag. this region and industry both imports export is a point of concern , \"he said . Until yesterday the area and pointed out that the two parties , including selling Hüsrev , \"Now the new world order was accepted as a more universal value of a new party . Peek , the measure, which controls a party that documentation and analysis. These are the most important factor in becoming a global actor became one . It is also representative in Turkey TSEs. in this context, try to organizations that we collaborate , calibration, we offer discounts on training and CE Certificate service. We guide an organization . value added , asking to facilitate commercial activities kuruluşuz . in this regard you have come to listen. Because now we want to have a say in world markets , we have to prove rüşdü our commercial documents. if necessary, we can even think of a laboratory investment needed in this area , \"he said . Mehmet said it is very important to comply with
standard Hüsrev , \"But what is important standards able to determine . Standards we belirleyelim I , we hükmedel the world. we have entered the certification activities in order to sell our products to Islam. We want to share with you all our services . If necessary here determine the quality of the days , we can provide training through our specialists \"express noted .
Sector this year began his speech stating that the recession compared to previous years is ÇTSO Chairman Solomon Kozuv said,\"We are trying our best to our members on the subject in order to inform the best way to Show will , \"he said .
Kozuv the said training program intended to be given on quality instead of Gebze Çerkezköy given the more useful it would be to believe .


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