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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:43

\"Memoirs of the Nursing Profession \"was published in a book

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For the first time in our country , \"Professional Memoirs of Nursing \"contest stories were collected through a book .

Malatya news: Photo \"Nursing Memoirs \"the editor of the book, Ege University Faculty of Nursing Assoc . Dr. Dawn Dağhan and the Malatya Inonu University School of Medicine Professor Dr. Genghis Yakınc did . Photo Book , Ege University School of Nursing Alumni Association and the Turkish Nursing Association submitted to the contest organized jointly in the Izmir Branch consists of 37 stories. Winner of the Photo Competition \"Old Man's Diary\"Naughty desired by memories named runner \"Zeynep with Ladder \"with memories Tulay Deveciler Rose, third \"A Face of the moon \"has achieved the memories from Pinar Gungor . of the editor , Prof. Photo Books Dr. Genghis Yakınc found in the following statement:Photo \"Occupation memories , to convey the experience of living the vocation in life to the next generation is a very effective way . Experience yaşanarak earned . Ibn as Sinan de'experience is superior to science.'We can not find Experience in textbooks . For that reason, professional memoir is at least one valuable as textbooks related to the profession . Nursing profession has one or two books on the market regarding . this book contains the story of the beginning of one nurse. But this new book, the experience of the 37 different nurses from different regions of the first countries import to us . Most importantly , our hope \"Memoirs of Nursing \"in the book is taught in nursing school and high school textbooks . \"

\"Memoirs of the Nursing Profession \"was published in a book" comments for.


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