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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 09:27

Men's Volleyball 1st League

Men's Volleyball 1st League
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5. Men's Volleyball 1. Lig Turkey Besiktas in the competition week in the guest area which Inegöl FC, provided he stopped going to the opponent to defeat evil .

Bursa news: Competition orange-blue team lost 3-1 , took fourth consecutive defeat. Palandöken Municipality , starting with the second season of the Photo League win Inegöl FC, 2 experienced a sharp decline from the week. Leadership fell from 10th place up to orange-blue team , 5. # 6 weeks to 6 points when entering , while Besiktas came Inegöl with a more stable image. Photo FOREIGN SHOCK Photo orange-blue team , experienced foreign players in the pre-crisis critical match played with Besiktas. Inegöl for 2014-2015 season with FC Fernandes and Ismail did not agree to the contract unilaterally dissolved the training Raydel Poey Romero . Besiktas match, the two strangers Inegöl FC, Turkey Volleyball Federation was attempted in this situation before . Two athletes learned that they want the language of the administration , with a team agreed that they and Inegöl FC in Italy. Photo EAGLE , INEGOL'< strong> DEN HAPPY RETURNS The first set of the match played at the home Photo Inegöl Indoor Sports Hall proved to be quite contentious , guest Besiktas took over the lead by winning the first set 26-24'l . The second set of equivalent strength as the fight for victory by capturing umutlandı winning 25-23 tie in the Inegöl FC set. Besiktas won the set with a 2-1 lead in the third set 25-18 effective . Black-and-whites won the fourth set 28-26 where there is a great push , the 3-1 victory left field .

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