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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 17:04

Mentioned in Bomb Attacks in Gaziantep were martyrs

Mentioned in Bomb Attacks in Gaziantep were martyrs
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In Gaziantep in 2012 on the second day of Ramadan next Şehitkamil County Police Department bomb exploded as a result of the car's PKK terrorists killed 10 people was commemorated with a ceremony .

Gaziantep news: In Gaziantep in 2012 Ramadan on the second day Şehitkamil County Police Department near the bomb car PKK terrorists detonated a result of the killed 10 people at a ceremony held commemorated .
August 20, 2012 on the Feast of Ramadan on the second day Korutürk'e Şehitkamil County Police Department is located on the street side with a hammer brought the car bomb detonated by remote control by PKK terrorists as a result of four children of 10 people lost their lives and 64 were injured . The second anniversary of the explosion of a bomb attack occurred in front of the monument where the ceremony was held by the MHP provincial offices . The ceremony began with recitation of the Holy Qur'an , a minute of silence and then continued with the reading of the National Anthem . Later, the group gathered press release on behalf engaged MHP Chairman Muhittin Taşdöğen , hateful attacks over the two years after the perpetrator caught inability anxiously meet , said:\"Feast day in the hands of the sugar with the returning home of a child from his job slot outgoing people , were martyred brutal attacks in our city, large wounds formed . Recently, the events we consider a day in Gaziantep bombing of those who carried the statues will be planted thought and concern us further injure . these and similar attacks avoid any more for workers, taking precaution urge . officials terrorists negotiations , but have to fight to remind us that we are . because burning 10 can we all hurt , \"he said .
the press release after the President Taşdöğen , district organizations and some non-governmental organizations where the monument left carnations .
153 homes and businesses with 25 vehicle damaged the explosion found to have committed the PKK'Firaz code-named Molly's Murata continues to work for the arrest was given.

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