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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:41

Meram Municipality on Sunday from the sacrificial Tight Control

Meram Municipality on Sunday from the sacrificial Tight Control
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Municipality of Konya Meram district centers with teams of Veterinary Affairs Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate by teams Meram Meram district sales centers in the sacrificial audit was performed.

Konya news: During inspections ; for sale of the animals overall health status of cattle passports and earrings with the sheep and goats belonging to the transport documents were checked .
Meram Municipality Veterinary Department statement made by the sacrificial while to pay attention to matters , \"our citizens sacrificial animals while ; ear tags and passports are not very weak , pregnant or have recently given birth , with a high fever , which is very young and meat immature and age of the victim to be inappropriate ( in cattle 2 years of age who have crossed ) , feathers mixed with saliva flow with the environment against excessive reactive or too insensitive and sacrificial bear the attribute of the animals purchased their advise . pet owners from time to time animals were abducted notice is coming. Municipal our Veterinary Affairs Directorate animals escaping to catch the animal capture team was established . this team escaped the capture of animals is helping \"the statement said .

Meram Municipality on Sunday from the sacrificial Tight Control" comments for.


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