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  • 22 Mayıs 2013, Çarşamba 22:02

Merkel, the Jews of Europe award

Merkel, the Jews of Europe award
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Conference of European Rabbis, the umbrella organization of the European Jews (CER), Lord Jakobovits Prize for 2013 was awarded to give German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Receiving his award CER President Chief Pinchat Goldschimdt'in

Merkel pointed out that the future of Europe could also have succeeded in life together.

Great Synagogue in Europe award ceremony held in Brussels since many distinguished invitees. Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders and Defence Minister Peter De Crem'in Flemish Region, as well as the award ceremony in the presence of Prime Minister Kris Peeters drew attention to the wide range of security measures to be taken. The European Union (EU) and the EU leaders are religious rites and prayers that evening, Chancellor Merkel said the award honored him.

CER President Chief Goldschimdt, German Chancellor Merkel, Europe's contribution to the inter-communal harmony, friendly approach to the Jewish community, tolerance and understanding, was awarded the medal for güçlenmesindeki expressed strong support. Chief'' We are honored to receive this award, Mr. Merkel was not so easy to see. But have no doubt that it is a necessity. We can not ignore the efforts of the Chancellor.'' Was quoted as saying. The first president of the European Conference of Rabbis, who died in 1991 and the award given in memory of Lord Immanuel Jakobovitz'un, Merkel's strong support of the Jewish community in Germany and boldly voiced dissatisfaction with Merkel was recorded an increase in anti-Semitism in Europe.

Cologne in Germany, which is caused by the reaction of the Jewish and Muslim communities of the District Court's decision to ban circumcision in place and immediately after the intervention of Chancellor Merkel and the ban on the removal decision was praised.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier Holocost (Holocaust) survivor Leo Leo Baeck Institute Baeck'in established due to the intensive efforts towards reconciliation by the country's Jews received the award. Leo Baeck Institute gelenine the first time, a German forward, due to the efforts of strengthening relations between Germans and Jews around the world presented the medals. Merkel, for her support to Israel after the former president of the Jewish Community in Berlin to commemorate Galinski slave during the 'Solidarity Prize was awarded in. Merkel Jews ödül"/> Avrupa<div id=

Merkel, the Jews of Europe award" comments for.


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