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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:51

Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun Cluster dropped to Claim

Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun Cluster dropped to Claim
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Mersin's President Ali Kahramanlı İdmanyurdu'nun , said Bulgarian footballer Spas Delev transferred from the cluster due to FIFA's team of the case will affect the claims are unfounded .

Mersin news: According to reports in the Bulgarian Press Photo , Mersin İdmanyurdu , 2011-2012 circuit between players from CSKA Sofia of the Bulgarian color which adds to the cluster due to the Delevan season Spas transfer was stated to be faced with the risk of being reduced. According to allegations , FIFA still decided this transfer due Mersin from İdmanyurdu'nun in favor of 660 thousand euros creditors with CSKA Sofia .
\"CAS \" We Go \"Photo Kahramanlı , located in the Bulgarian press in his statement about the news , by validating Spas Delev is located CSKA debt around Sofia club 600 thousand euros related to the transfer , \"however, Delevan in relation with itself , we also have we received a 1 million 300 thousand euros and we opened the case. the case process continues now in FIFA. the transfer of us Delevan posted an article about rising debt and was given a certain amount of time for payment. meet with during this time either club , now that we pay a little more time to reach out or we will appeal , we're going to CAS . no subject more uncertain. But we have to pay every case we this debt , this club of our debt , our debt we , \"he said .
\" wE WILL SOLVE tHIS BUSINESS \"Photo borrower's only club Mersin İdmanyurdu be noted that Kahramanlı , stating that currently on the agenda of a total of 1 million 100 thousand euros debt, \"regarding these issues yesterday evening we had a meeting of our board of friends. How we interviewed that we will make a payment. FIFA already gave a penalty before us with respect to the Czech keeper Devid way. In total, amounting to 120 thousand euros. We will pay him today. Delevan followed as the club's testimonial about the future next week in Istanbul . We will sit down with them , we talk to solve this task . Now take one of these work different places. No sir'cluster will be reduced as'. Tentative something , one thing unfortunately not clear in making this . Nobody could believe it. We're here . İdmanyurdu Mersin , a great club , a great community . As well as management and as a city we have the power to pay this debt . We will pay for it. No one has no right to prevent damage to the Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun . So far, no one is out of this club and will not receive . This is our debt , in a very short time , we will also pay this debt. Nobody thought something different in this regard , \"he said .
\" NOT EASY \"Photo Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun Kahramanlı evaluating its position in the league , \"It was not easy to come to this place . Where it currently resides indeed very important. Maybe watching the first 4 rows of the first such date. We started the season with ground problems . This could not possibly Mersin İdmanyurdu in a very different place . We do our match at the moment Tevfik Sirri Gur Stadium. I hope the new stadium will be completed within a short period and the second period we will do our match there . Where the team currently stands is very important . Hopefully this will continue our ascent. We want support from everyone , we want to contribute . Because this team Mersin team, the team's city. Nobody should have any doubt , we will continue to do our best to be the best place in Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun long as we are on duty , \"he said.

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