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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 19:13

Mersin İdmanyurdu with Serkan Balci has tied the colors of welliton

Mersin İdmanyurdu with Serkan Balci has tied the colors of welliton
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Super Toto Super League teams Mersin İdmanyurdu , Spartak Moscow striker Welliton Antalyaspor'da last year playing with colors tied Serkan Balci .

Mersin news:
held at the hotel in Mersin HiltonSa signature , club president and board members attended Kahramanlı . Signature Speaking before the president, Ali Kahramanlı today two significant transfers also had ended the expression, \"They are both very important and valuable . Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun befitting and then Mersin İdmanyurdu under the shirt could play a second one dear friend, we have transferred . Serkan earlier in Trabzon have played last year in Antalya have played this year Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun to play in , and indeed far better to have played the struggling and team that are useful character and a smooth our friend . Hopefully then he on the team contributed believe, \"he said.
in the same way welliton also a very good player , indicating that the Kahramanlı , \"Spartak Moscow to have played in Turkey today watched as a player. many clubs run behind know that . course preferences from Mersin since his especially thank you. we from them too we're waiting for something . them believe that they have done before and then in Moscow for Mersin İdmanyurdu will do . As of today, they came to Mersin would like to thank the two athletes . Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun be beneficial to wish , \"he said .
\" DO WE HAVE TRANSFER all immaculately OUR FRIENDS \"
So far, they transferred all of the immaculate saying that Kahramanlı , \"Of course, the last time two camps we had. In the meantime, of course, we did five one friendly match . Teams are fine, just fine. Our instructors are particularly valuable . We all rely on . Our dear friend, all of them from each other . Will add a lot . This year really very important to us . Both our football players and our players and we met with our management team need to be in a team . There are currently unity and togetherness within the team . Where there is unity and revenue success , \"he said .
Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun the footballer Serkan Balci , \"First of all I am very happy to be here . I want to thank our President . Whether good fight for us now in the field , Mersin team in the league we have to bring in a permanent condition . We have a good squad . Among the contributions of Mersin'll watch my beautiful fans , \"he said.
Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun player Welliton said:\"First of all I want to thank our president . This year Mersin İdmanyurdu'nun to succeed stripped everything whether in the field, my best to try to give , \"he said .
After the speeches, Serkan Balci and Welliton their red-blue team connects sign contracts threw .

Mersin İdmanyurdu with Serkan Balci has tied the colors of welliton" comments for.


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