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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:20

Mersin, İstanbul to be Introduced in Feshane

Mersin, İstanbul to be Introduced in Feshane
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Mersin Metropolitan Municipality , Istanbul , Mersin Feshane in order to increase brand recognition and value will be held at fairgrounds and is preparing to participate in the fair.

Mersin news: Photo Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's first combination of the October regular meeting was held in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality headed by vice president Karim Cataclysm . Meeting held in the Convention and Exhibition Centre , Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz vice president because of the flood headed abroad . At the meeting, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs Department has , Mersin recognition and between 27-30 November 2014 in order to increase the brand value in the Eyüp district of Istanbul Feshane exhibition will be held at Fairground ,'Brand City Mersin work was adopted by a process in ensuring participation in the Municipality of Mersin Metropolitan and participation expenses of Cultural and Social Affairs , Presidency of Tourism and Promotion Branch 2014 to discuss the proposal related to meeting the Fiscal Year budget unanimously. in
meeting also Mersin Metropolitan improving evaluating existing systems and structures for the transportation and traffic in the municipality, different types of transportation and the scientific advice and supervision work in the application projects for the user's first and only in Turkey traffic Planning and Implementation of Master of Science will be held by Gazi University , which holds Department of the body joint service projects protocol for making and empower the units to be authorized by the mayor or president in determining the protocol's details will be held to discuss the proposal on was adopted by the unanimous vote.
Council members, 10-December 27 of liberation from Tarsus enemy occupation of 93 for anniversary events Mersin Metropolitan Municipality to discuss the proposal with the provision of financial support from the budget was adopted unanimously .

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