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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:58

Mersin'Syrian Refugees Problems and Solutions Workshop'

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The AK Party , which was organized by Headquarters'Syrian Refugees Problems and Solutions Workshop'started in Mersin.

The AK Party , which was organized by Headquarters'Syrian Refugees Problems and Solutions Workshop'started in Mersin. MPs , academics, civil society organizations and journalists to exchange ideas on problems and solutions of Syrian refugees . Photo HiltonSa the workshop held at the hotel, AK Party Deputy Chairman Prof. Social Affairs Dr. Mazhar connected , the AK Party MPs in Mersin Neb Münevver Ökten Cigdem Bozkurt , AK Party Chairman Ismail Taşpınar Mersin Province , academics, NGO representatives and some journalists attended. Only the opening speech of the workshop is open to the press , parliamentarians, academics, NGO representatives and journalists in question were exchanged ideas and solutions. His opening speech , Prof. Dr. Mazhar connected , Turkey said that accommodate up to refugees so far . Currently Bağcı indicating that 1.6 million refugees in Turkey, said, \"They's possible to talk about two kinds of social influence . Direct deal with cities, towns which addressed indirectly. Mersin our observations and the results of our studies is one of the cities affected 2nd degree . We have our next study Gaziantep , while the 3 rd will do in Sanliurfa. the date to Anatolia today, as you know, has been a safe haven for those who want to take shelter because of the problems going on around many times. I'm not saying to praise yourself. Anatolia come easily to people trapped upside so far is a place they can call home. after that will be the case . of course there are a number of problems . we are aware of them . that's workshop, shipped the problems that exist in this and similar issues and put forward a common mind to handle . instead of treating emotional at the same time we think that we need to act rationally \"he said. Photo Photo \"SYRIA'< strong> DE KARIŞILIK even though the NEAR 1 MILLION oF THESE REFUGEES wILL REMAIN HERE \"Photo Turkey is around so far the people being able to protect itself from those bits that the common sense of meaning and its underlining that they are indebted to the wisdom , \"this people when they come here as a requirement of the guests bilgeleg they karşılanmakt with phil's also great as a requirement of a tolerance . There are problems which need to be seen as a total issue. Here are 1.6 million people. They are the future of the world so far that refugees I think the related calculation in Africa could be achieved return such a large return in a country room was around 30 percent when we do one day a stabilization time how backward rotating said the account was established in Syria. Come on, let's draw a table near us more optimistic , even though 40 per cent means that 1 million people will stay here . Therefore they both socially as both intellectually and culturally where we need to apply what policies how we need to pursue a strategy in order to be added to the people of the region and of the actors in so far the government as well as other public what kind of troubles their efforts in this regard , tell us what they want to say , we want to hear about it . We've completely come to listen to our friends , \"he said . Photo Photo NEB BOZKURT: \" THE RESURRECTION of rupture is LIABLE EVEN AN INSTANT MUSLIMS LIFE \"Deputy Nabi Photo Booth is a very honorable noting that created the human being , \"God Almighty in the Holy Quran , \"the son of Adam , we have appointed the honorable human beings , we make it superior , \"he says . The best way people can be very cruel created by place . This is our responsibility to our people regard as the most important goal of our life and to be aware of it. About our responsibility to life the Prophet. In a hadith of the Prophet , \"Judgment even if g is a human being, if you have a sapling in the hands of the age of the seedlings planted \"wants . In an article related to this issue one of our instructors , \"Judgment will benefit from getting rough timber seedlings planted what what what do we take advantage of the shade will benefit from the fruit ,\"he says . But even at the last moment a Muslim is responsible to life. Even the apocalypse is responsible to immediately break a Muslim life. Especially when that human life is our responsibility becomes more important . Of course there are many problems faced by the people of Mersin . These meetings will continue. Our Mersin, we have a tradition of having some troubles but help in many aspects . We have an understanding friend who prefers his neighbor who prefer it. Hopefully we can do to help at this meeting , how can we be helpful depending on the progress of events which a team in front of the further planned to do with the emergence of ideas that open , \"he said . Workshop after the
opening remarks, he continued to be closed to the press. Photo

Mersin'Syrian Refugees Problems and Solutions Workshop'" comments for.


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