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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:36

Mersin University Students Fight

Mersin University Students Fight
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Mersin University (MEI) in the clash between two student dissident group, five student was injured in assault .

Mersin news: Photo by information obtained, MEI Larissa on Campus \"Freedom for Öcalan \"campaign organizers signature opening stand with a group of students in a fight between a group of students opposing views . 5 students beating results from both groups were injured in the fight , broke windows and tables in the canteen on campus. The civilian police into the campus because of the events as well as many riot police were also dispatched . One of the injured students were taken by ambulance to others outside the campus by Police car . Two of the injured in ambulances , and 3 after seeing outpatients in the Medical Faculty Hospital and was discharged .
On the other hand, the tension in the Campus Larissa continued for a while. Group of students gathered in interviews with police officials then left the campus with slogans . Leaving the students on campus , the terrorist organization leader Abdullah Ocalan threw in favor of slogans. One of the groups involved in the Photo Fight, Abdullah on campus , 10 November Atatürk's death anniversary by opening Öcalan posters say they tried to drive themselves , while students in the other group attacked because every stand opened argued that they have suffered .
the same campus had happened again last Friday due to the tension between the two groups stand open issue .

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