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  • 24 Ağustos 2013, Cumartesi 09:45

Merve will Boloğur 8 pounds

Merve will Boloğur 8 pounds
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Merve Nurbanu'yu Bolugur Ottoman sultan, which will play a 45-pound, 8 pounds for the new role will be full.

Merve Bolugur Nurbanu Ottoman sultan in the new season Babe will be seen in the role. Currently, even narrowing down 45 pounds and wearing size 34 clothes beautiful actress, for the sake of the role of physics will bid farewell properly.

Today newspaper reported Roses Avuç'un Bolugur, read the life story Nurbanu Hatun, he learned that the character is too weak to reflect the correct agreed to 8 pounds.

Fitness instructor was buried in the history books with Merve trying to get healthy weight, protein mainly fed with food containing carbohydrate and fat consumed.

Merve, on the one hand in the gym trying to lose weight Search on the other hand continues his acting education. 4 hours a day working with private tutors beautiful player, in his spare time reading the palace and harem life in the Ottoman history learning.

Merve will Boloğur 8 pounds" comments for.


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