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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 16:55

Merzifon Reforestation Campaign

Merzifon Reforestation Campaign
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About 3 months ago in the town of Amasya Merzifon by a fire damaged area are planting again.

Amasya news: About 3 months ago in the town of Amasya Merzifon by a fire damaged area are planting again.
First country in the area of ​​the first seedlings Hill location Merzifon Governor M. Let Fatih G, Merzifon Mayor M. Kadri Aydınlı, Merzifon Public Prosecutor Abraham Of Amasya Forest Management Vice President Nedim Silk and other authorities have been planted.
"Our government fire and adverse events right across the motion passed quickly afforestation programs to make proud, I think,"said Governor D I'm ,"reforestation and forest existence of national wealth to be our people, our country and the world in terms of the importance we are all aware,"he said.
G old, Tema Foundation Merzifon Representative Kadir Acara hard work due thanked.
Amasya Regional Directorate of Forestry officials for his efforts Says Thank You Mayor Aydınlı, the"new seedlings planted our advanced years the forest will be. Currently we field past the forest was. Hopefully with studies re-forest title will reach a short time ago by a fire damaged our area in a short time this study is important to say,"he said.
Aydınlı,"TEMA our foundation on an individual basis to our people the love of trees vaccination of and hard work because of their sincerely celebrates thank you. Visitors of work to be good I wish,"he said.
G Let the Aydınlılar thanking the TEMA Foundation Merzifon Representative Kadir Acer in said :"Y ap this work we protect the fuck could global warming download in our hands strengthened'll be. forest and plantation works fifth in the world sıradayız. Hopefully this status will continue. Kuruçay the TEMA receive our own we grow seedlings have . want from these seedlings are giving it for free to anyone as long as they ask."

Merzifon Reforestation Campaign" comments for.


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