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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:06

Message Bahceli November 10

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MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli , \"Surely a cry November 10 , the day does not keep lamenting and mourning.

Ankara news: St. Atatürk better understanding , an opportunity to November 10th to grasp sincerity of unique services , a watershed is a refresh period, \"he said. Photo MHP Chairman Bahceli, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's 76 Anniversary due to publish that in remembrance message \"Today, the state of our founder, saint of the leaders of our independence struggle occurred at 76 years of Atatürk's eternity-i respect the patrol , we are longing and remembering mercy . Gazi Mustafa Kemal was 57 years of life to fit many achievements , has made numerous first during this time , according to the conditions of unchanging principles and ideals has a seal on Turkish history. In every decision , in every execution , every step of believing the Turkish nation , to live free and independent is a guide to be indispensable , \"he said. Photo Atatürk as threatened under bondage and soil of the fighting spirit required a nation to be shared , hope of salvation , as a resurrection symbol Garden indicating that tapers , said:Photo \"during both military service , both stood well away from the pessimism life, government and politics , frightened not , did not think the loss is allocated after the high goals set . Gazi Mustafa Kemal the legitimacy of the universal principles of humanity and from our nation's pristine will not show the slightest deviation has not compromised . Spiritually responsibilities imposed upon the person of Turkish history , has acted in level and enviable intellectual conscience , has building self-confidence on the result of the dedication and the crowning glory of the Republic of Turkey . Veterans , now mobilized for the sake of future goals received national identity and national unity has been built in a state we can be proud of environment destruction and devastation . Because of that we owe him a lot and we have undertaken the obligation to keep alive the cherished memories of a very clear truth. Surely a cry November 10 , is not the day to keep slamming and mourning. Saints better understand Atatürk , November 10 for a chance to grasp the unique services with sincerity , a watershed is a refresh period. Atatürk was born taste like every mortal death . Moreover, this is the invariable rule of our faith and life . Reclaiming the sacred relics of the Veterans that are important to maintain the great heritage spots , not inflicting damage to the Republic of Turkey payidarlıg . Gazi Mustafa Kemal's \"My greatest work ,\"he praised as the Republic of Turkey sinister , exploitative, and malevolent attitude to be vigilant and to be careful about not given the task of child victims of our nation. With this thought passed away 76 anniversary of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with our dear martyrs and heroes of the national struggle is remembering my feelings of gratitude and thanksgiving , I wish you all the mercy of Almighty Allah. \"

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