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  • 17 Ocak 2014, Cuma 10:14

Message Forwarding on Your iPhone Easy Way

Message Forwarding on Your iPhone Easy Way
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Almost everyone entering and holds an important place in the life of iPhones, without copy-paste easy way to communicate short messages to users saves time.

 Almost everyone's life into and holds an important place on iPhones, copy-paste without short message forwarding an easy way users the time to lend.
On your iPhone, located a short message or with that person all the correspondence history of iOS an obscure Copy-and-paste feature is no longer able to transmit without. Any text message you've corresponded with someone shortly after touching your finger on the message balloon on the black colored"Copy-More-Voiced"he appears a balloon."More"tab at the bottom right of the screen after clicking on the curved arrow mark is printed and automatically selected message is being transmitted to a new person that you specify."More"tab after clicking the Want your message about it if you want with whom all correspondence history also possible to forward.
This feature does not know iPhone users the message by selecting the copy, then the messages back to the coming new message is generating and copy the text after you paste is sending.

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