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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 18:37

Message from the Governor of the Danube on 10 November

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Eskisehir Governor Azim Tuna Güngör has released messages due November 10 th.

Eskişehir news: Photo Governor Danube , the Great Leader , unique statesman Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , the ever being referred to the 76-year anniversary , they are a nation with grace and gratitude , respect and said they leaned gratefully into memories . \"Turkish nation with the show that perseverance and courage in the Independence Struggle , the world's inspired oppressed nation and founder of the Republic , Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, foresight, peaceful identity, world familiar realities, the importance given to human values ​​, reason and science to guide field prediction the century has taken its distinguished place among the aspects that world leaders , \"said Turner , gave the statement following the message:Photo \"Great price for established paying that and its the biggest piece I also \"Republican \"reclaiming the inkaz education and values ​​, her contemporary on the civilization level extract is lived up to our common goal to infinity. Republic of Turkey, Atatürk pointed out that the target walking peaceful, safe and determination to become a prosperous country , rising income levels, economic strength, with industrial production has secured its place among the rising stars of the global economy. Double capital our city is experiencing the excitement of \"Turkish World Capital of Culture \"and \"Capital of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage \"scope ; Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our young people , as commanded in the phrase \"ancestry acquainted himself to find the strength to do greater things \"for the work we perform in different disciplines and beautiful our city's skyline have gained Istitutions has accelerated Vision 2023 . 100th Anniversary of the Republic; our our city ; city ​​property with sustainable brand will be the center of attraction of our country and the world , we believe .
Every November 10th , the sadness of losing it refreshes her living and our confidence in the deposit ; accuracy for our country , leaving democracy and equality ; kindness to , the beauty , peace and charity are trying to start with sizes inside the door is opened . These thoughts and emotions, War of Independence of our Commander in Chief and our Republic Founder of the Great Leader Atatürk , all the heroes of our national struggle , the saint martyrs and veterans of our once again grace , gratitude and homage of my gratitude , I offer my love and respect. \"

Message from the Governor of the Danube on 10 November" comments for.


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