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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 20:23

Message from the President of Muharram Kocaoğlu'nun

Message from the President of Muharram Kocaoğlu'nun
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Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu , gave important messages organized in the dining opening due to fasting month of Muharram ; \"You-we , without distinction , all of us in this country we have enough houses , brothers.

İzmir news: Against the game being played on us , on behalf of the Republic , strong on behalf of Turkey , we have to maintain our partnership , \"he said . Photo Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu , held fast to open the program because of Muharram . Culture Atlas dinner held at the Pavilion Konak Mayor Sema Pektas, Karsiyaka Arslan Hassan Mayor , Mayor of Foca Gökhan Demirağ Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa Thin, Urla Mayor Sibel Uyar'l President Kocaoglu joined together , gave unity and solidarity messages. experienced a human sufferings in Photo Karbala Failure Muharram necessarily true for the right read and understand Mayor Kocaoglu underlines the need , \"Brotherhood , unity , solidarity, putting in place indigenous rights and justice , and perhaps most importantly, should not be deducted from the fragmentation and separation. So far all my discourses , whatever our roots , I never argued that we should not lose our unity-solidarity . Because I believe there is a real heart . Our faith , our sect , whatever our ethnic roots , we had come from let , whether from the Middle East , whether from the Caucasus , the Balkans ... Whether you want to let the flame , whether Sunni ; Whether Kurdish origin , whether ... whether Georgian Bosnian , Circassian want ... We are all equal , all brothers , we Türkiye'yiz .'You-we \"without distinction , all we have enough houses in this country , brothers. And against the game being played on us , on behalf of the Republic , strong on behalf of Turkey , we have to maintain our partnership ,\"he said . Photo Alevism democracy in Turkey , freedom and cement of secularism ; Extracts and Mayor Kocaoglu stated that the basis of Anatolian culture , spoke as follows:Photo \"Every platform emphatically true there is a last defense. Everyone's beliefs , thoughts and identity are respected. The state also that the sect, not of that denomination , all of us , it is everyone's state . it also has to be . we , everyone's belief , we respect the way of life . we believe that everyone should live freely . all institutions located under the democratic umbrella and rules, we are in favor of a form created to cover everyone who believes-believers. Therefore, secular, democratic and free Turkey'also , all citizens we care more than the securing of social gains. State , all religions and should be approached faiths equally. Everyone should be able to live freely in the lives of integrated faith with and culture. this mutual respect, on behalf also of the Republic , powerful Turkey is the basic condition for maintaining our behalf union \". Photo Alevi grandfathers Kamber Falcon and Ali Akbar fever prayers of reading that night in speaking Alevi Bektashi Federation of Associations of former President Selahattin Özer anyone's faith , fasting to , the belief in themselves as they interfere with the prayer also said they did not want interference , \"We see this as wealth differences. Believers living in Turkey , who are non-believers who are striving for unity worthy of humanity whatsoever . 77 million people in all religions , races , there are people of faith. For unity ; Let us be in peace ; Let d \"he said.

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