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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 12:49

Mesudiye Marble, Coal There are Aybastı

Mesudiye Marble, Coal There are Aybastı
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Mesudiye hard marble beds in the Army's claim to be confirmed.

Ordu news: Mesudiye hard marble beds in the Army's claim to be confirmed. According to data from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources , where marble deposits in Mesudiye but'cut very hard and difficult because it's'ability to take polish'was stated to be low .
Energy and Natural Resources Ministry according to the information ,'Mesudiye marble beds are'about the following information was recorded:\"MTA General Directorate in 1988 by Army-Mesudiye marble quarries search for work has been done . Mesudiye-Çaltepe ( heuristic ) village around the outcropping travertines conducted preliminary surveys in about 20 feet thick, 37.5 million m 3 of travertine supply, Gölköy-CATALARMUT near the village young limestone technological analysis according to the data polish the ability to get low 20 million m 3 sources Mesudiye-KÖSEKÖY Topçam-Asikli and Gölköy near syenite types of rocks marble aspects were examined . these evaluations in this area in pink-purple colored syenite , mineralogical and depending on the structure were very harsh and difficult ceased , technological analysis in places polish ability to receive low was determined . \"
Aybasti in cOAL YES in the data of the Ministry of
Yet coal is said to be in Aybastı . In this regard the following information was given:\"MTA General Directorate Aybasti close in previous years studies as a result of coal formations have been identified. Coal seams , mainly andesitic species occurred a volcanic formation in the coal three vessels are seen as . Other hand, the Mining Affairs General Directorate according to the records Aybasti , Akkus and Gölköy within the county coal mine prospecting licenses, business licenses , there is no question. \"

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