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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 20:18

Met at Eagle Project Ideas

Met at Eagle Project Ideas
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Eagle eagle of the problems still to be implemented with the ideas of'TAK ( Design Research Participation) will be solved with the project .

İstanbul news: Young people's ideas , which will meet with the project Eagle more livable environment to attain targeted.
Kartal Municipality and Plug collaboration with the eagle on the environmental problems the neighborhood of the foot leading up to the mobile TAK and resolution is aimed at . The project will benefit from the creative spirit of youth meeting with designers and creative ideas to come to life . TAK camp project for young entrepreneurs in this context Dragos ancient excavation site in various areas of stands set up with ideas to discuss an environment where offered.
About the project, members of the press , answering questions eagle Mayor Altınok Oz, \"the environment more livable, to make the eagle's shell to break need . this project in the idea that the parish with designers brought together issues with the solution , let us ask , \"he said .
City Planners and TLC founder Faruk Goksu, \"Plug rover and designers neighborhoods come up with designers to discuss . So the problems of the residents identify solutions that design, designers empathy by making public a shared environment we are creating . our goal 3rd in the conversion process in our cities design the designer's power to uncover. themes have art, archeology and technology on larger areas also are planning to extend . Municipal demand from there , \"he said .
Göksun also Kadikoy project they caught seven thousand to 10 thousand in the number of people you would find Eagle added . The project invites young people to volunteer also provide employment opportunities for young people after .

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