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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:00

Met in Fizyoterapsit Night

Met in Fizyoterapsit Night
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In Zonguldak, physiotherapists, met with patients.

Zonguldak news: In Zonguldak, physiotherapists, met with patients. Overnight needy patients wheelchairs and crutches was a gift.
Bulent Ecevit University School of Health and Rehabilitation, Department of Physiotherapy students and Head of Department Assoc. Dr.. Shoemaker has organized a night with zuhal. BEI Vice Rector night. Dr.. Bağdig sincere, the physiotherapist and the patient's relatives in Zonguldak general attended. Shoemaker made the opening speech of the night. The work they do transfer Shoemaker said:
"This year, BEA Zonguldak Health High school of physiotherapy and rehabilitation department students have received. 51 of our students we started with. Both of the new year entered first wanted to get. First class with students in Zonguldak and around the physiotherapist our friends to fuse our profession in terms of unity and to ensure the integrity was our goal. currently the center of Zonguldak Çaycuma, transferor, Kdz. Eregli Gökçebey from our friends there. them thank you very much. busy day's work, come here to us for their time. Also Family and Social Policies of the Provincial Directorate of contact with our result, physiotherapy and rehabilitation priorities of any disease and trauma in the partially lost their function to people the quality of life toward improving gain independence in the direction of some physiotherapy, assessment, measurement and treatment, along with himself, physiotherapy and rehabilitation implements persons. And we will accept the patience to sacrifice wanting and yet so spiritual saturation level is too high is a profession. these prom when editing our students, we noticed that we have. Zonguldak and around the truly disadvantaged have too many people. physically handicapped, mentally impaired, hearing-visually impaired adults, the disabled, the chronically ill, have disabilities. too a large group of seniors there. Retirement there. Rehabilitation can do a nice team there.'s what we start by acknowledging our patients, impaired our really physiotherapy applying a must for us some of our devices needs is happening. This devices can not provide a lot of our patients is going on. We are also very difficult situation we're staying. we sampled wanted to be. university as our. Attention wanted to draw. social responsibility in the sense. disabled relatives of patients closely following occupational groups as everyone is sensitive invite. Zonguldak and the ones around , everyone in Turkey it to attention. Accessibility our and our patients are not alone we have to show."
Vice Muhlis Bağdig in the"University in recent years, community service applications under the name of good developments are recognized. Closer to follow as you can about the year 2012 from the service to the community app The university is a common implementation is adopted. fact, by the year 2012 the entire course of our social responsibility program under the name of all faculties in their respective fields to the community in a social context will serve events do offer the opportunity to have. Universities purely academic or technological developments are recorded, the place is not. anymore universities to society service practices are also available. principal activities, together with the country's development and the improvement of society to contribute,"he said.
Night needed in patients with crutches, walkers and wheelchairs were donated. Gifts night continued with the lottery.

Met in Fizyoterapsit Night" comments for.


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