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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 16:22

Met with Maulana Dost M.Fatih Citlak

Met with Maulana Dost M.Fatih Citlak
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Selcuk University (SU) by Hazrat Maulana Research Institute .

Konya news: Selcuk University (SU) by Hazrat Maulana Research Institute . Konya Mevlana and his family honored at a conference held in commemoration of the 786 years Researcher-Writer M. Fatih Citlak was introduced to listeners .
Metropolitan Municipality Hall in the Mevlana Cultural Center Sultan Ould Selcuk University Vice-Chancellor Prof. conference . Dr. . Mehmet Musa Özcan , Associate Director of Research Institute of Mevlana . Dr. . Nuri lightning Hz. Mevlana's 22nd generation grandchild , Faruk Çelebis Authority Hemdem academics and citizens joined with Celebi . Until now, many precious personality Mevlana and culture that served in the past, this blessed road needed amply made, but no longer do new things that you need M.Fatih Citlak , \"Today, everything is original and organic seeking man this 800-year culture of fidelity to reflect strong information and formations to produce and has to offer . All this while authenticity without losing the spirit of the era , thus continuing to the new generation transfer should . these issues in universities and Mevlana Research Institute have great responsibility , \"he said .
Today Mevlana better understanding and be kept alive especially for the Mevlana Museum and the tomb of the more authentic , making the Mevlana and his writings ring should be explained that he believes the said Citlak , \"Rumi and the Mevlevi Order of culture to cherish the International Mevlana Foundation projects within the planned'Mevlevi Village Project , perhaps the most important step is one . and philosophy of these considerations as well as the new ore is needed to maintain . New fabrics to be treated with care rendered our young people who have committed to this path must be grown in the most beautiful way . Test is cooked cotta . That's why I put in the clear and cold as the amount does not cloud the water . Human a soil test if the Maulana that test spills EU Fountain of Youth is , \"he said .
Hz . Mevlana such a great friend of God and the purchase of all recognition to Although not absorbed sufficiently understood , or even associated with it also stated that studies are lacking Citlak , \"study of the carrying value does not have to necessarily academic . Humanity will cost and Mevlana and Mevlevi Order culture always in every way should be continued, \"he said.
Konya each evolved enormously pleased and that significant day to be invited to Selcuk University Mevlana Research Institute, thanks to voicing Citlak , the institute of our culture should be investigated and properly reflected on behalf of the important functions try to fulfill said . Intensive participant mass listens conference at the end of the day to commemorate Mevlana Research Institute Associate Director . Dr. . Nuri lightning , Selcuk University Vice-Chancellor Professor . Dr. . Mehmet Musa Ozcan and Hz . Mevlana's 22nd generation grandchild , Faruk Çelebis Authority Hemdem Chalabi M. Fatih Citlak was presented a plaque and a variety of gifts .

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