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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:27

Met with President of Noble Women

Met with President of Noble Women
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Menderes Mayor Bulent Noble, organized by the AK Party County Women's Affairs Division of the Menderes'a Muharram'attended the event at .

İzmir news: Noble President Speaking at the event , said they came to work to realize their dreams of meandering citizens. Because of the advent of the month of Muharram Photo Menderes district by the AK Party Women Branches'​​a Muharram'at the event was held . Menderes Municipality Wedding Palace and Convention Center in organized activities wife Esra Noble joined together with Menderes Mayor Bulent Noble, seven from Assyria women have made ​​purchase from organized bazaars. Photo DRAW SYMBOL OF THE UNION
Noble speaking at the event , \"the month of Muharram , our history has an important place in our culture. in fact, it is the month of Muharram hijra , ashura is a bear . at the same time Muharram us , the moon reminiscent of Karbala mountains our lungs . Karbala, the Messenger of our'paradise youth masters'told with words, Hz . Ali and the Prophet. one of Fatima's two ciğerpare Hz . This is where Hussein of our Lord and more than 70 believers were killed . Muharram , for us as a common sorrow and mourning seasons, justice , wisdom , truth and righteousness table is . Muharram Hz. right that sacrificed their lives in Hussein's pursuit of justice, mercy , compassion, tolerance and re-revival of compassion and Muslims conversation , we need to know the opportunity for the strengthening of brotherhood and togetherness feeling. Ashura of Muharram in the fact that we've had our tradition is one of the most beautiful examples of this brotherhood . Ashura ; share , is the symbol of solidarity and unity. We are also moving Menderes this icon. I congratulate the month all of Muharram, on this occasion, \"he said .
\" DREAMING WE \"the president informing women about the work of the Photo Municipality noble words continued:\"We make politics Menderes , whether the words will not do the things folks have not come to steal their hope. We came into office established by this nation to realize their dreams . Our second policy for the nation to serve first. That's our main goal . We put forward our day in and day our night for this purpose . We work hard and we meander meandering for our brothers . We bring the words we give rather than individually . We have made ​​significant efforts in a short period of time. After our work will continue. \"


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