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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:15

Met with President Zolan Businessmen

Met with President Zolan Businessmen
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Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan , which traditionally organized aysiad \"Denizli Meeting Agenda \"which was met with businessmen.

Denizli news: Zola President made ​​a member of the Association AYSİAD badge was worn. Photo Denizli Mayor of Zola, Eurasian Leaders Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association ( AYSİAD ) is traditionally organized and that speaks to the city's problems, \"Denizli Agenda of the Meeting\"attended. A meeting held at the Association building , President Zola as well as AYSİAD President Hussein Plums, AYSİAD Board of Directors and members joined with businessmen. Photo YSİAD President Plums, Zoller President in recent years and Denizli Municipality's national and international projects that have implemented results of the awards received about tape , \"My President is trying adding day night , we are working very intensively able to follow some of the press ,\"he said . Plums citing a television program that President Zola joined , \"There , you said something like ,'Denizli has Akhism culture , artisans have received this culture. Moral , produce , work-loving, wanting to be beneficial to the country , the country and the nation is a city that loves hardworking people Denizli . we are proud of Denizli .'as the main we Denizli this up awards and achievements , we are proud of you as AYSİAD , Thank you for services you did , \"he said . the
President Zola, said they knew the aysiad value , \"We know that walking the aysiad . We know aysiad's desires, our personality as we see our identity , we see that as a way of friends. this country is a very brother of our members who add value to this city , this country is the only problem , of not get any better than this beautiful city , our school in the world to be more powerful, as an honorable and proud country , I know you have no desire to walk as citizens living in the country. therefore, I am honored and really proud of you . Your God in vain to remove this walk. I hope you take stronger , \"he said . Photo of the then President of the badge Zola made ​​a member of aysiad Speech AYSİAD broke Founding President Mehmet Gokce .


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