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  • 13 Aralık 2013, Cuma 10:46

Method Botox for underarm sweating

Method Botox for underarm sweating
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European specialist in plastic surgery at the Hospital surgeon Dr. officials.

Kayseri news: European specialist in plastic surgery at the Hospital surgeon Dr. officials. Özbebit hope, prevent underarm sweating with the application stated that the botox.
European Hospital plastic surgery specialist Dr. acting as Operator. Hope Özbebit, underarm sweating in the Botox use the method by explaining,"In recent times people in the working conditions of difficulty depending on their self-esteem often lose that cause underarm sweating problem Botox method solved. Armpit sweating is actually our body protection mechanisms is one of our, but some people in need this genetically As required age as well as working conditions, as people uncomfortable level may be. armpit sweating problem is extremely easy way to be solved. Botox and armpits and palms as well as soles of the feet sweat in the now extremely easy and much less painful that is used is an effective method. Application about 7-8 minutes between takes. Persons each underarm area to appropriate Botox injections are made. This special technique is. practice about two hours after the effect is seen,"he said.
made botoksun then the person's underarm sweating get rid of stating Özbebit"Everyone in the summer sweating is more common thought but in winter sweater to be worn, media to be warm, continuous heating of the open depending on whether people constantly sweating is happening. these methods underarm sweating is eliminated. the same applications on the palms and soles of the feet is made to. Write and winter at the beginning of one session, the time of the highly effective it is. done botoksun six months to have an effect, the Botox after and during the summer as well as during the winter of our patients underarm sweating get rid of the able,"he said.
underarm sweating problem after the botox done Sibel Laskar said:"Hospital underarm sweating with the complaint came. Botox went very smoothly. Pain did not feel. armpit sweating me troubles posed. Botox done before those relax heard that I've made. Results'll wait,"he said.

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