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  • 14 Eylül 2013, Cumartesi 09:42

Method of extending the battery life of smart phones of 5

Method of extending the battery life of smart phones of 5
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Here are ways to extend the battery life!

iPhone Is there any way for users to extend battery life?"Here are ways to extend your battery life.

social media user traffic, shares, and iPhone users can now quickly ending the use of the application increases day by day charger of life came to the point of rebelling.

iPhonelarını, depending on frequency of use, at least 2 times a day to charge their users seem to have the situation was quite bored.

"Well, one way to extend the battery life of iPhone users do not have to?"Based on the question, have searched for you, here's ways to extend battery life. First, it should be noted that, depending on your iPhone's battery life is almost three criteria. These criteria, particularly the Internet, applications, and games occurs. If you use these three criteria, as well how much your battery runs out quickly at that rate.

five steps ways to extend battery usage time ...

1.Wide-Fi and Bluetooth

The first and most battery life, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-consuming issue. Any edits you make of these two titles are quite increases battery life. So hang around when you are not using the Internet by entering the WiFi and Bluetooth settings and shut, it is vital to keep your phone switched on for more.

2.Lokasyon Turn off services

many applications using the settings that you'll see when you look into the privacy section, using the locator service, and this causes battery consumption significantly.

Setting the time zone, turn off


Location services

next section of the system at one location-based services by entering iAd'leride cancel this feature is that you can switch on your phone will be fresh and the nef comfortable You'll have a much longer.

Turn down the brightness of


medium screen brightness when possible or a lower level should be maintained. Even if you do this setting will allow you to save battery power fairly.

5.Siri click Close

Turkey ' Assuming you live in there are already seeing much use of this service is not possible. If you do not ask Siri questions that remain open or have no meaning. (Uzmanabi)

Method of extending the battery life of smart phones of 5" comments for.


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