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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:23

Metropolitan Academy Courses Continues

Metropolitan Academy Courses Continues
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Sakarya Metropolitan week closed with the reading at the Academy.

Sakarya news: Sakarya Metropolitan week closed with the reading at the Academy. Political Novel Reading Speaking at the beautiful course , \"The purpose of reading the novel theory of political confrontation between life and to give direction to the reader in \"When using the expression ; Political Theology which met with students in Reading DEMIRHAN , \"Today, the crisis of modernism , politics, ethics and law will be passed by ,\"he said . Photo Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Cultural and Social Affairs , organized by the Department of Metropolitan first week at the Academy , the Political Novel Reading Murat Fine and Political Theology ended with the training conducted by Ahmet Demirhan participation in Reading . Cultural and Social Affairs Department Sakaryalı culture art lovers attending the trainings conducted in the classroom , literary texts read in theory and life , were informed in detail about the political conflict and secularization periods . Photo Political Novel Reading Speaking at the first lecture of the class Beautiful, \"Political Concepts , Political Theology and Sovereignty Theory , which was translated into Turkish from books on Carl Schmitt has an important place in the political novel reading. Schmitt political discrimination , are expressed as the distinction between friend and enemy . He first friendly describes. after determining the Limits of the details says should be determined enemy. Roma can say that it contains a dramaturgy . the literary works are oriented to give a literary tastes. Roman is a literary genre. the purpose of political theory and to give direction to the reader in reading novels opposition between life, \"he said . Photo Political Theology at the first training held in Reading, while DEMIRHAN providing information to students about the 8-week program , \"we'll discuss Political Theology or the relationship between politics and religion in our Political Theology seminar. the separation process of the relationship between state and religion will examine the critique of the secularization process. Today, modernism crisis of politics, morality, and would be overcome by the law. There are people in the Central . That's why people and needs to be revised the its positioning.comparisons with the secularization process in Western countries and in Turkey will take place in our seminar program , \"he said .

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