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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 18:20

Metropolitan Municipality Council Meeting was held

Metropolitan Municipality Council Meeting was held
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Malatya Municipality Assembly , made ​​the first combination of regular meeting in July .

Malatya news: Malatya Municipality Assembly , made ​​the first combination of regular meeting in July .
Mayor Ahmet Cakir chaired the meeting of the Assembly , of silence and the National Anthem was being read . At the opening of the council meeting , former municipal personnel who died the previous day and was referred to the former parliament member Ahmet Ergül .
Off-topic on the agenda after the addition of the substances was passed on Parliament's agenda . Agenda items located between the Municipality Yazihan fiscal year 2014 supplemental budget request in consultation with the relevant committee report was accepted. Again, located within the boundaries of the metropolitan cemeteries and cemetery services and Battalgazi Yesilyurt was transferred to district municipalities , especially in the municipality .
Parliament , in public transport tariffs also decided to make changes . From $ 1.50 to TL 1.75 change in the full card , discount card from TL 1.40 to TL 1.20 , 1.10 From $ 1.00 per card student-retired'TL , 2 binişlik card from $ 3.50 to TL 4.00 , 4 binişlik card from $ 7.00 to TL 8.00 , 12.00 from $ 10.50 to TL 6 binişlik card , 10 binişlik card 20.00 from $ 16.00 to TL is removed .
Law Expert Commission at the Assembly meeting also was a member of the selection as well . Legal Specialization in elections to the Commission ; Ramazan Acar, Shafiq Şengül Durmus Dogan, Hasan chest, Aziz exposure on the clinic , Gunnar Tabel were selected .
Meeting Doğanşehir with Yazihan Municipality 1/5000 scale zoning plan to do While allowing , Mania Plan related to the commission's report the next the meeting was adjourned. Metropolitan Assembly , Side neighborhood located within the boundaries , municipal service areas the fire department to ensure availability on the decision of the commission also consultation agreed.
Metropolitan Municipality Assembly , the central parks and green areas of responsibility in which the municipality is in the set . Malatya in the center of parks and green areas of responsibility , Zoning and Public Works Committee and Environment and Health Commission joint report in accordance with the Malatya Municipality with Yesilyurt and Battalgazi between the municipalities was partitioned .
Received decision , Horata Dede Korkut , Sumerian, Mill Street , Misha was Cevheriza , the Emlekli the province , Kernek , New Mosque, Hurriyet, brats , Orduzu Nature and Kanalbo parks Municipality responsibility , while Battalgazi Municipality 45, Yesilyurt Municipality and 85 parks and green spaces responsibility remained.
If some items on the agenda of the Assembly referred to the relevant committee , while Cultural Events and Exhibition Services Pte. Inc. Due to the capital increase shares , corresponding to 2 million TL municipal company also discussed the payment was accepted.
Metropolitan District Council in July of the second session on Tuesday, July 15 at 14.00 was scheduled to begin .

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