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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 17:17

Metropolitan of'Nations Educational Support

Metropolitan of'Nations Educational Support
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Bursa'brand city'assign the signature to important services with the goal of being the Municipality of education supports projects within the scope of the gain of Nations Quarter Villa Nations District Basic Education Primary School was opened in action ceremony .

Bursa news: Photo Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with a modern future , continues to support education. Metropolitan Municipality conferred by the National District National District Primary School was opened with a ceremony. Met with students at the opening ceremony flowers Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe , said the city is continuing to value-added activities. They taught a great importance in Bursa, stressed President Altepe , \"We have taken decisive steps for our future as a Municipality , we are taking . National District Elementary School is also one of the major problems of the nation in the neighborhood and was expected to be held for many years school and was introduced in the last training \"he said.
President Altepe , the school's Metropolitan Municipality , said that the Provincial Directorate of National Education and Lightning built under the protocol signed between the Municipality on February 2013 . School 8 classrooms and explaining at 1200 square meters President Altepe , the school was built in prefabricated systems , electricity and the mechanical installation of the realization of the landscaping , with heating systems and laboratory stated that submitted completed and all of the hardware .
\" OUR GOAL BURSA is tHE dEVELOPMENT \"Photo reminding region zoning problem experienced Altepe, \"school we do with the allocation of land Yıldırım Municipality with the support of the Governor's office , the area will be the harbinger of the new service. we have only one goal , beautiful and contemporary city , ancestry heirloom is to ensure that development and progress in all areas of green Bursa. Legal obstacles from time to time services are delayed because encountered . we promised this city unless obstacles laws are making every service. our aim is to serve. we strive to create a healthy growing Bursa in every area. schools are missing the Municipality as a complement , we support education in all areas. Come to our youth are the future. Knowledgeable, we care about the visionary and idealistic young people grow up , \"he said .
\" THIS SCHOOL NATIONS E DECENT \"emphasizing that supported education in Photo Bursa Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu , \"said the great support given to education in the central government budget. We support education. Mayor Recep experiencing development problems in the neighborhood Nations as Altepe'nin to say. This problem resolved one by one , we continue to deliver services . We inaugurated a nice neighborhood school will serve students in the nation . Metropolitan Municipality , has won a tender and crisp neighborhood school . Nation Elementary School District was a school worthy of Bursa. Now students will not have to cross the Ring Road as old , parents will not live in fear of accidents happen , \"he said . Photo Karaloğlu children and young people should not be a follower of the children of families in his speech highlighted the importance of good growth and success, but family, school, teachers and students will increase cooperation was noticed. the Provincial Education Director Veli Photo Sakarya, \"Nation Elementary School District , which bilateral training with 8 classrooms and a school with 330 students. We thank Mayor Recep Altepe'ye to impart of the property. Students great our expectations from teachers and saying, \"I believe that the remarkably with the success of the school. Photo speeches, then opened school education with a ribbon cutting Karaloğlu , Altepe President and members of the protocol , chatted with students visiting the school. Aşure catering was done to citizens after the ceremony .


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