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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 14:51

Metropolitan, the Syrians did not forget Teachers

Metropolitan, the Syrians did not forget Teachers
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Syrians fled civil war in their country from Gaziantep Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality teachers did not forget.

Gaziantep news: Syrians fled civil war in their country from Gaziantep Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality teachers did not forget. November 24th Teachers' Day with teachers because of Syrians who meet in a cocktail Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. As Güzelbey teachers one-quarter gold was a gift.
In their own homes or relatives staying with a teacher of the sacrifices made Syrian students teachers teaching November 24 Teachers' Day note that expresses Guzelbey,"Here rest their children's education had problems. Contrast insensitive could not stay. them build a school and we pursue an education, we have provided. Now in its second school we've done and tomorrow services are opening,"he said.
gamer connected to the Syrian Guests Training and Information Center Syrians for teachers"Teacher-Day"program to regulate Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Dr. As Güzelbey, where teacher morale and motivation gave.
Around 850 primary and secondary school students' education, around 400 the parents in the learning Turkish for education stating that they Guzelbey"in our school 25 teachers teachers today due date, we have not forgotten. Their problems are listening to .'re trying to meet their needs"assessment was done.
this until two years with two branches provide educational services to students who emphasized that the Syrian Guzelbey two semesters studying at school, students said. 5 bus bussing provide training voicing Guzelbey, 650 primary and secondary schools, 200 while the adults receive training that transfers the Guzelbey last year, the school of 440 students graduated, he said.
Incoming intensive demands on the Syrian students for a full-fledged school than they had done, and tomorrow is going to open indicating Guzelbey, said:
"Two years in their own countries because of circumstance in Gaziantep as a guest Syrians children from families Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality as a training center have opened. This training center providing education before in Syria as a teacher working esteemed colleagues. Teachers' Day, of course, everywhere is the same. We also located in Gaziantep these students of our friends training in providing valuable teachers and we're together. two years that our center provides training in. these branches, a total of eight classroom training is provided. these educational 1st class starting from 8th grade to continue. children speak Turkish, they initially here in Syria curriculum were using, educational Arabic being but Turkish lessons are also available. bus also must move We do training. Buses our our children from their homes is taking. school and bring home again leaves. 1st grade 8th grade up to the number of students 650; adult number of students in the 200 with a total of 800 students we have. however, teach us to apply for the number of students two thousand is around. So where school is not enough. His popular demand for 2nd open schools have decided."
under difficult conditions of the school and the needs of teachers relieving breakthrough in stating that Guzelbey,"Our hearts they as soon as possible to their own places to their homes rotation is on the side. Today where our guest UmUzdUrlAr. we make their lives easier, to meet the needs our best to do everything we in Turkey. has a saying. 'neighbor neighbor's ash is in need' they say. Today, no one in Syria that conditions continue not want. We also do not want. most important for us people who live in the poor conditions are. We neither the regime's supporters nor aleyhtarıyız. interests us there drama of humanity is. others of our Syrian brothers own preferences make their own decisions. A well there cultural heritage destruction of the UNESCO world cultural heritage list in Aleppo 's collapsed, the extinction us heartily hurts. there falling every bomb us as if our hearts to shoot. because we were there, our brothers and sisters such a closeness of friendship is in what we believe. Their children,' today 'our children', we think. their children do for our dreams, we Syrian children for them are trying to do. In this context, teachers day due to our friends come together we have"the assessment found.
Before the program where students are classes who also visited the President Guzelbey, where students learn Turkish at the test has. Some students write on the board what they have learned Turkish, others read what they have learned.
Program for teachers Syrian prepared pie again after being interrupted by the most experienced teachers, teachers ended with a cocktail party given name.

Metropolitan, the Syrians did not forget Teachers" comments for.


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