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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 14:01

Mezitli from the City of Citrus Festival for University Students And Support

Mezitli from the City of Citrus Festival for University Students And Support
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Mezitli central district of Mersin Municipality , İzmit residing in the state this year and at least 4 years of college education to students who are preparing to provide assistance .

Mersin news: The municipality also to Citrus Festival will be held in November at 100 thousand pounds to find financial support .
Mezitli regular meeting of City Council in October , İzmit Mayor Neşet Tarhan was headed . Municipal Assembly Hall Meeting held at the parliamentary session , 2015 Fiscal Year Administrative Performance Program 2015 taxes, duties and tariffs and the 2015 Fiscal Year Budget Draft proposals concerning the consultation Plan and Budget Commission has been delegated .
Mezitli Municipality's this year university students who are new to the training aid decisions concerning the meeting of the parliament has created one of the most important agenda item . Members of the Assembly , 2014-2015 academic year at least 4-year institutions winner and Mezitli residing in the students training aid made ​​proposals concerning the Plan and Budget Commission and the Education, Culture and Arts Commission referred the . How much help will be given to students training to be determined by the commission .
Mezitli Municipality, Citrus Festival this year will continue to support . In this context, the proposal also members of parliament to the views presented and the 5th International Mersin Citrus Festival Mezitli Municipality KDV including 100 thousand pounds of financial support have unanimously accepted.
Also at the meeting , İzmit Municipality, Turkey Healthy Cities Association'What the members unanimously agree that , while Ahmet Ozturk and Muslim unity as a full member was selected condition . Mezitli Municipality in China's Fujian Province Nan'an Municipality and the sister city relationship building on the signing protocol for Mayor Tarhan authorizing council members, Tarhan , Turkey Union of Municipalities of the support and contribution of Historical Cities Association will organize 16-19 October 2014 between Spain's Seville, Granada and Cordoba technical review program covering the city also decided to join .

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