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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:07

MH Students Toured sleepers Cave-In

MH Students Toured sleepers Cave-In
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Elbistan Mükremin Khalil studying Anatolian High School students and teachers group of 45 people visited the Afşin Eshab-i complex.

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo Elbistan Mükremin Khalil Anatolian High School , Travel Club Teacher Guide 45-person delegation of Faruk Gul presidency , visited the sleepers of the Cave Complex , they received detailed information about the mausoleum. Providing information about Photo Tours Travel Club Teacher Guide Faruk Gul \"Traditionally in our school, we are organizing the first period city and the second term intercity trips . Eshab-i trip with the possession of our students'trip cultures together to promote the beauty of the history of our region , we wanted to introduce the spiritual dynamics of our occupies an important place in the faith of our local tourism. intercity trip we will organize this year we want to Istanbul. 5 years , we made the trip in Cappadocia, many in the Black Sea , the Dardanelles , Ankara and we visited a lot of our city , \"he said .
the students were thanked for the trip.

MH Students Toured sleepers Cave-In" comments for.


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